Cascades Rapids 2020 FAQs


Will there be swim meets?

A: The CSL has cancelled all competition for the season. We know the kids like to race so we may explore options for internal meets, but can make no guarantees at this time. 


Can my child switch groups?

A: No group switching will be permitted at this time.


My child is 6 and can swim across the pool. Can they join?

A: Unfortunately, in our initial phase we are unable to accommodate new swimmers under the age of 8. Our main focus is safety and adhering to all of the distancing guidelines. 


Parents are not allowed on deck, can I stand outside of the fence and watch?

A: Please don't. We know it is hard. Watching our children swim is a true joy, but under the circumstances, we request that all parents drop off and pick up per the instructions provided and remain in cars for drop off and pick up. We will consider safe options for spectators at a later point. 


What do I do if my swimmer will miss practice?

A: Tell us! Give us as much notice as you can. Simply email: [email protected] with information regarding the absence. 


Can my swimmer change for camp after practice?

A: Unfortunately, there will be no access to locker rooms for any reason and bathroom usage will be restricted to emergency use only. Please make other arrangements for camp prep.  


Does my swimmer need to wear a mask?

A: Masks will be required from your car into the facility and removed before getting in the water. Masks should be worn when leaving the facility as well.  


What should my swimmer bring to practice each day?

A: Cap (recommended), goggles, kickboard, and towel. Plus, a mask for entry and exit. 


Will you be selling spiritwear and other equipment?

A: We will not be selling items to start. That may change after the first week or so.