Swim Team Frequently Asked Questions


Q:        When do registrations begin?

A:         See "INFO/Team Registration


Q:        When are Evaluations? / How do I get an evaluation?

A:         See "INFO/Evaluations"  


Q:        What skills must be done to be on the team? / What are they going to do at an evaluation?

A:         Swimmers joining as 9 and older must be able to swim 50 yards (2 lengths of the competition pool) with comfortable freestyle and proper breathing, have the basic skills of backstroke, and a legal breaststroke kick.

Swimmers competing as 8 and younger must be able to float comfortably on both front and back, and swim 25 yards (1 lap of the competition pool) comfortable freestyle with proper air exchanges and backstroke.


Q:        How do I register?

A:         The first step for new swimmers is to pass an evaluation or confirm previous swim team experience.  After that, families must register online on the specified dates.  Spots go quickly.


Q:        Do we need to purchase an outdoor pool pass?

A:         Yes, all swimmers on the team must be members of the outdoor pools.  Family members who wish to observe practices in the facilities must be members as well.  Pool passes are available for purchase starting on April 14, 2021 at the DCRC front desk.


Q:        When does all this Start / End?

A:         Practices start on May 30, 2023. The Championship meet is TBD


Q:        When do the practices happen?

A:         The practices are all held in the mornings.  This is because the pools are open in the afternoons and evenings for open swim to the members.


Q:        How do we know which team/group to sign up for?

A:         It really depends on location and space, but all 3 dolphin teams are the same in theory.  Families are able to choose both location and team.  Atlantic and Arctic are at the North Pool, and the Pacific team is at the South Pool.


Q:        My swimmer was on the Sea Dragons, do they need to evaluated?

A:         No, Swimmers have already been evaluated to join that team, so no extra evaluation is needed.  Please contact Coach Lynn Bowers for a waiver.


Q:        My swimmer was on another Club Swimming team, do they need to be evaluated?

A:         No, a confirmation of their abilities is enough to skip the in person evaluations.   Please contact Coach Lynn Bowers for a waiver.


Q:        Are swim meets required?

A:         Yes, as with any team, participation in competitions is expected.  We do at times have to turn people away who wish to be an active member of the team based on size limits and therefore must ensure that everyone is an active participant.  We do not have a speed ability requirement, just a willingness to attend team events. 


Q:        What days are meets on?

A:         League meets take place on Wednesday evening throughout the season. The exceptions are  Kate Brown swim meet which is held on a Saturday morning, the Irish Relays on TBD  and Championships on TBD


Q:        Can we go on Vacation?

A:         We encourage the swimmers to make all practices, but do understand that other activities and family functions are a part of everybody’s lives.  Swimmers are not penalized for missing minor amounts of practices, but may be withheld from competitions if there are extended leaves of absence.

If you are planning on a long vacation that would inhibit much of the season, please consider if it is a good idea to register and will that spot that is vacant keep other individuals that are in town from participating. 


Q:        The group we were told to register for is not convenient for us with multiple swimmers; can they just be in the same groups?

A:         Group placement is based age as of June 15th.   Swimmers are not be allowed to join a different group under any circumstances. 


Q:        Is there a transition class from lessons for swimmers who have finished level 5?

A:         The next step after completing lessons is joining a summer program.  Many times swimmers in lessons may not believe that they are capable of doing what they have seen the swim team swimmers doing, but after about 4 weeks of practices, they find themselves comfortable along side their teammates.


Q:        I need to talk to somebody about the team, who should I contact?

A:         With any questions, please email Lynn Bowers at [email protected]

Q:        We cannot start until later in the season, is this allowed and can I get a discount?

A:         This is allowed, but we would encourage swimmers to attempt to attend at least a few practices early on, as this is the easiest part of the season, and where we do a significant amount of technique building.  It is not the policy of the City of Dublin to offer proration on any activities.