Want to join the Dublin Dolphins for a summer of fun?  Here are the steps needed to join:

  1. Check your residency status.  You must be Dublin Resident or School-District Resident to participate.
  2. Check the practice schedule to make sure your child can attend.  Practices are weekday mornings.
  3. Read the FAQs section under INFO.
  4. Sign up for an evaluation spot following the link under INFO -> Evaluations
  5. Complete an evaluation at the DCRC or contact Coach Lynn for an exemption if your child already swims for a USA club or Y-League team.
  6. Register on the Dolphins' website by clicking the "JOIN NOW" button when it opens to new members.  Information can be found under INFO->Registration
  7. Attend the parent meeting.
  8. Sign up to volunteer.  Families must complete two volunteer sessions during the season.

Now you're ready to have a great time swimming for one of the Dolphin Teams!