Carson Smith

2022 Kate Brown Scholarship Recipient


As ironic as it is, the “swim is life” t-shirts really do apply to me. Ever since I was seven years old I have been a part of the Dublin Dolphins Swim League.  Pacific taught me to swim competitively, and I still hear coach Keith Sorenson reminding me to this day to keep my head down. My love for swimming led me to join the Dublin Sea Dragons, which I have continued to compete for, even on the national level. I began to truly understand the support from the swimming community when I transitioned from St. Brigid of Kildare to Dublin Jerome High School. It was the swimming community that had my back as I moved into a new school and a new neighborhood and that gave me rides to and from practice in the morning. The swim community has always been and will always be my home. I am proud to say that I have continued the tradition of excellence within the Dublin swimming community throughout my high school career. I have had the honor of competing at the high school state championships all four years and to serve Dublin Jerome as a team captain this year. All of my achievements stem back to my first practices with the Dublin Dolphins. Inspired by the influence swimming has had on me, I decided to help coach the Dublin Dolphins and learn how to coach. I began helping as a volunteer assistant coach in seventh grade. I have continued to move forward eventually and became an assistant coach in the summer of 2021. I currently plan on continuing coaching this summer as the head coach of Dublin Pacific. Additionally, I have started giving private swim lessons to local families who are unable to join the Dublin Dolphins. Throughout my few years as a coach, I have had the incredible opportunity to teach so many new swimmers. What I am most proud of is the camaraderie and sportsmanship that I try to instill. I always emphasize being competitive while being respectful, whether it be cheering on teammates or high-fiving after races. I am so thankful to have been given so many opportunities through the Dublin Dolphins and look forward to continuing my service into the future.