Volunteer Instructions



Goal ~ to help ensure timeliness during meets by helping swimmers be at the right place at the right time
1) Check in at the Volunteer Table.
2) Help seat swimmers on benches according to the event/heat/lane.  (In the event there is a swimmer missing or can’t be found, ask the other swimmers if they know where the swimmer is – they sometimes have good info, and/or ask the starter to make an announcement over their speaker.)
3) Walk the swimmers (one bench/row at a time) to line up behind the correct lanes.  (Typically, lanes should have 2-3 heats waiting behind the starting block at any given time.)
4) Update sign to show correct event info. (A sign showing the newest event being lined up at the bullpen is hung up close by the bullpen.)
5) Smile and have fun!


1) Check in at volunteer table

2) Collect recorded timer sheets from timers and bring them to the computer operator area.  (Once the timer’s sheet of paper is filled out, it should be collected from the timers and given to the computer operator.  Sometimes it is formatted with two heats per page, sometimes four.
3) Make sure timer sheets are collected in order from lanes 1 to 8.
Ribbons/Award Table

1) Check in at Volunteer Table.
2) Place stickers on ribbons (labels get printed out from the computer with all the needed information).
3) Place ribbons in family folders.
Set Up
1) Check in at Volunteer Table/possibly set up volunteer table.
2) Set up benches for bullpen area.
3) Set up computer operator area.
4) Check with meet director for other items.


1) Check in at volunteer table.
2) Attend a brief timer training meeting ~ poolside, 10-15 minutes before the meet begins.


Timer/Runner Meeting Instructions

  1. Each lane should have one clipboard, one stopwatch, two Dolphin timers, one pencil and lane timer sheets. The lane numbers on the Dolphin timers should correspond to the assigned lane. 

  2. The Dolphin watches are programmed to time for each lane. NEVER leave the lane you are assigned to and time in a different lane with the Dolphin timers.  

  3. The stopwatch is started and stopped by the button on the right.  To clear the watch, press the button on the left.

  4. The Dolphin timers will start automatically at the beginning of the race.  You must stop the Dolphin timer by pressing either of the buttons on each side of the timer.  

  5. The only time you touch the Dolphin timer is when the swimmer touches the wall.  The timer will automatically start and automatically reset itself.

  6. At the beginning of each heat, verify the swimmer in your lane is correct.  If the swimmer is not listed on your timer sheet, then write in their name and team and allow them to swim. 

  7. When the starter calls the swimmers to the blocks, move behind the blocks and make sure you have a clear view of the starter unit.  When you see the strobe flash/ or the sound of the horn, press the start button on your stopwatch.  Do not press the start button on the Dolphin timers, they will start themselves.

  8. Move to the edge of the pool where you have a good view of the swimmers touching the wall.  

  9. When the swimmer touches the wall, press the stop buttons(the right button on the stopwatch, either of the side buttons on the Dolphin timers.)

  10. Head catches are permitted during backstroke events. If you sense a swimmer is not aware of how close they are to the wall, then reach down and place your hand between the wall and their head. Don’t forget to stop the watches when contact with the wall is made. 

  11. Record the times, to the hundredth of a second, from all three watches on to the timer sheet.  

  12. Clear your stopwatch by pressing the left button.  Do not clear the Dolphin timers, they will reset automatically.

  13. Prepare for the next race and repeat the above steps.

  14. Several times during the meet, the starter will move your timing positions to the opposite end of the pool.  Please make sure you pay attention to the starter throughout the meet.

  15. If your pencil breaks or a timer fails, please raise your hand and get the attention of the starter so that the event can be paused and a replacement made.

  16. A runner will collect your time sheets at the end of each page.  The amount of events on a page are determined that day. Make sure the timer sheets are given to the computer desk in the order of lane one on top, to lane eight at the bottom. 

  17. The runner should also stop by the stroke and turn judges and collect DQ slips. 

  18. Ask if any questions and when complete, send timers to their lanes.