2021 Meet Schedule

For more detailed info on upcoming meets, see the Events Page. 

Detailed meet information will be posted there before a meet, and the results will be available there after the meet.  All time trials and home meets are at Still Pond Pool.


Time Trials Meets (Saturday AM)
June 5 – Time Trials 1 [Frogger Apparel]
June 12 – Time Trials 2
 [Frogger Apparel] 

League "A" Meets (Saturday AM)

June 19 – Away at BCP (Burke Center Penguins) [Slumber Party]

June 26 – Home vs. AKC (Arlington Knights of Columbus Holy Mackerels) [Down on the Farm]

July 3 – Home vs. CAS (Cascades Rapids) [USA!!!]

July 10 – Away at MG (Manorgate Marlins) [Decades Day]

July 17 – Away at AV (Ashburn Village AquaJets) [Heroes vs Villains]

Developmental "B" Meets (Wednesday PM) 
June 16 – No Meet

June 23 – Home vs. AF (Armfield Farm Stingrays) [Movie Night, dress as your favorite character]
June 30 – Home vs FM (Fort Myer) 
July 7 – Away at SRD (South Riding Stingrays) [Game Day]

July 14 – Away at FG (Franklin Glen Gators) [Beach Bums]

July 20 – (Tues) Intrasquad Extravaganza (Divisional Week)


Special Meets

July 12 – Relay Carnival at Sugarland Run

July 13 – IM Tough at Chantilly Highlands

July 24 – Red Divisional Qualifying Meet at Franklin Farm (Dairy Lou Pool)

July 31 – All Stars at TBD


Meet Timelines

Meet Timelines are TBD, here are examples from 2019 as general guidance.

Time Trials
On deck: 6:40 am
Warm up: 6:50 am
Meet start: 7:30 am
Home A-Meet
On deck: 6:40 am
Warm up: 6:50 am
Meet start: 8:00 am
Away A-Meet (except Ashburn Village, which will be one hour later)
On deck: 7:00 am
Warm up: Determined by other team
Meet start: 8:00 am
Home B-Meet
On deck: 4:40 pm
Warm up: 4:50 pm
Meet start: 6:00 pm
Away B-Meet
On deck: 5:00 pm
Warm up: Determined by other team
Meet start: 6:00 pm