Frozen Froggers 2019-2020 Winter Swim Program

The Frozen Frogger Winter Swim Program is a year-round conditioning and stroke development program that provides an opportunity for swimmers of all ages to continue to train and maximize their potential in the water. Utilizing four lanes during practices, swimmers are placed in ability-based groups where they will work with coaches to learn and/or hone stroke technique for all four strokes, practice starts and turns, and improve endurance. Each lane will work on their specific needs while encouraging good sportsmanship, team work and respect for all swimmers. The Frozen Froggers do not participate in competitive swim meets but hold periodic time trials so coaches and swimmers can monitor progress. 

Practices are held weekly from 8:30-9:30 a.m. on Sundays at the Herndon Community Center and run from September to May. 
** We have reached full capacity for Frozen Froggers 2019-2020!  Thank you for your interest.  Please join us in Summer 2020. **


Frozen Froggers Coaches - Brooke Ream and Shelby Sturm


Check out their bios on the Coaches page!

Additional Winter Swim Options

For those swimmers seeking a more competitive winter swim team instead of, or in addition to, Frozen Froggers, there are plenty of good clubs in the Northern Virginia area.