2019 Summer Social Calendar

President Mitch Dekoven

Frogger Nation,

I look forward to seeing you at practice this evening. Time trials #1 will take place this Saturday! Thanks to the social committee (spearheaded by Lori Iemish and Lindsay Blanchard), our social calendar is now available. It can be found here at https://www.teamunify.com/team/reccofff/page/social/social-calendar and below for your convenience:

5/31 (Friday) - Treats after Practice

6/7 (Friday) - Treats after Practice 

6/14 (Friday) - Pep Rally/Dessert @ Dairy Lou 6:30pm

6/21 (Friday) - Donuts after Practice

7/1 (Monday) - Team Pictures/Kings Dominion 

7/5 (Friday) - Donuts after Practice

7/12 (Friday) - Ice Cream Social/Pizza Pot Luck @ Still Pond 6:15pm-8pm

7/15 (Monday) - Donuts after Practice 

7/19 (Friday) - Divisional Luncheon @ Cici’s Pizza

7/26 (Friday) - All Star Luncheon @ Glory Days