Upcoming Sign Ups

President Mitch Dekoven

Frogger Nation,

It was great to see everyone at practice yesterday. Practice continues the remainder of this week heading into Saturday's first time trial.

Couple of items for you:

1. On Sunday at 7:30pm, we will be releasing sign ups for Frogger bucks and end of the year party committee members. Participation as a committee member awards one (1) volunteer credit. You can participate on a maximum of two committees.

2. On Tuesday at 9pm, we will be releasing volunteer slots for the first half of the season, through June. Slots go quickly so please be prepared. By this time on Tuesday, we will have our team set (all tryouts must be completed this week; the coaches will seek out those who still need a tryout but also please seek out the coaches to make sure this is taken care of this week) so everyone should have an account to use to sign up.