Board of Director Recruitment

President Mitch Dekoven

Frogger Nation: 

Frogger season is in full swing, but it is never too early to start thinking about how to get involved for next season! We have two Board of Directors positions opening up at the end of the summer; I hope you will give full consideration to serving our swim team as a Board member. Board members serve two-year terms, which fully satisfies your volunteer obligations.

The following positions will be open at the end of the summer. Please take a moment to review the full job description and key qualifications for each position (shown below). We have included the name of the Frogger parent currently filling the role. We encourage you to contact Tiffany Aukema at [email protected] with any questions or if you would like to contact the current Board member directly.

  1. 1st VP/Volunteers - Jill Meiring

The 1st vice president’s main job is to act as a liaison between committee chairs and the Board. This individual will solicit and appoint all non-standing committee chairs, recruit members and remain the primary point of contact for all committee chairs throughout the swim season. The 1st VP will also act in the place of the President and with the same authority should the President be unable to do so.

Key Qualifications:

• Strong organizational and communication skills

• Ability to multi-task

• Familiar with the roles and needs of each committee

• Time commitment heaviest during spring and summer

  1. 2nd VP/Registration - Li Wang

The 2nd vice president is responsible for all aspects of registration for both the summer and winter seasons. The 2nd VP is also responsible for maintaining registration records for the past three years.

Key Qualifications:

• Confident with IT/technology skills

• Comfortable communicating with parents regarding questions about the team and registration process

• Time commitment heaviest during March, April, and May (summer registration) and during August and September (winter registration)

Tiffany Aukema will be available during both A and B meets to answer any questions about serving on the Board and the open positions. If you are interested in joining the Frogger Board, please send a Letter of Interest stating the position you’re interested in and your general qualifications for the position to [email protected].

Thanks! We look forward to a great Frogger season!