Camp lane usage

President Mitch Dekoven

Frogger Nation,

I hope everyone is enjoying the early part of the summer. 

I wanted to remind everyone around the usage of our camp lane. Per the Frogger handbook (available on our website):

Once morning practices start at Still Pond Pool, the 7-8 am practice will have a “Camp Lane” for swimmers who cannot attend their assigned practice due to a temporary conflict. To attend the camp lane, discuss with the Head Coach.

Today, we had 19 kids in our camp lane. You would agree that this is quite alot, resulting in a less than optimal practice for all 19 kids. The camp lane is designed for those who cannot attend their assigned practice (by age) due to camp and is not meant to be used should the time be considered 'more convenient' due to other obligations (not camp). Please work with me to adhere to these guidelines as if the camp lane is being used incorrectly, resulting in less than optimal practices, we may have to think about a weekly limit (per swimmer) to use the camp lane (perhaps 3 per week).

Thanks for your help.