President Mitch Dekoven

Frogger Nation,

The season is underway in earnest, thanks to all of your help.

As you have seen in numerous emails, the volunteer spots for the remainder of the season have been posted, with availability still remaining for just about all of the meets, including divisionals. I encourage you to sign up now, to get the assignments/times you enjoy doing the most and are most convenient to you.

Regarding divisionals, please don't wait to see if your swimmer will be in the divisional meet or not before committing to volunteering. We will need all hands on deck for this very important meet. Fran Chao-Gay has done a great job leading our efforts for this particular meet. Even if your swimmer doesn't swim this year, he/she might swim next year so please pitch in accordingly. I know many folks were concerned about meeting their 7 volunteer requirements. There shouldn't be any concern as there are ample volunteer spots for everyone.

Thanks in advance for your help.