Registration/Team Update

President Mitch Dekoven

Frogger Nation:

All, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy (#washyourhands :-)). We are going through an unprecedented time so please bear with us and the decisions the board is making as we all hope to salvage some portion of our season. We have gone through our registration process and currently stand at 212 swimmers. Our team can accommodate a maximum of 235 swimmers. A couple of points:

1. Any decision on the season will be made at the league level, not Frogger level. Certainly safety is paramount as you can imagine. Along those same lines, if the pool doesn't open, we have no season either. 

2. Returning families who decided not to register during the normal cycle may have their spots in jeopardy, should we have a season. I understand the reluctance to register during these times but the only way we can have a chance of a team is to handle our registration process per usual, as shared in previous communication. This meant asking for payment up front (we have certain expenses which are calendar based [insurance, etc.] and are dependent on our collecting fees at registration; in addition, the logistics of collecting payment at a later point in time would be monumental). The board will have to think about how/if to allow such families on the team (priority in registration?, etc.). This is something we have not encountered before.

3. If there is no season, of course everyone will get a refund, less ~$5 credit card charge, per swimmer. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me directly at

I desperately hope to see all of you in the water in a few months.