Parent volunteers are ESSENTIAL to a successful summer swim season. Swim meets and team building social events couldn't happen without YOU!! 

Each Frogger family is required to fulfill 7 (seven) volunteer obligations throughout the season. These 7 (seven) obligations can be fulfilled by completing one of the following:

  1. Volunteer at 7 (seven) Swim Meets, OR
  2. Volunteer at 6 (six) Swim Meets AND on 1 Committee, OR
  3. Be a Committee Chairperson for the season, OR
  4. Be a FFST Board member

Please note: If you choose option #2 (i.e. volunteer at 6 meets and help with 1 committee), even if you help with more than 1 committee, you will only get credit towards 1 (one) of your volunteer requirements. We welcome your extra committee volunteer efforts, but need the majority of volunteer efforts for the swim meets, to make them possible!

To ensure that volunteer jobs are divided equitably among ALL participating Frogger families, we will be tracking volunteer shifts throughout the season. Those families who exceed the 7 volunteer shift requirement will be given the opportunity to receive a special gift, as a token of our thanks for their extra commitment, dedication, and support of Froggers. If a family does not fulfill their 7 volunteer obligations by the end of the season, they will not be allowed to register next season as a returning family.   Please note, it is your responsibility to fulfill your volunteer commitment.  

All Volunteer Sign ups will occur online, beginning in early to mid-May. As the Volunteer Sign-Ups become available, we will post instructions and send an e-mail with instructions how to sign up.