Most of the questions that you may have can be answered in the Aqua Jet Team Handbook.  The most common questions are answered below. 

Q: How are swimmers chosen for the Saturday meets?
A: The Head Coach’s selection of swimmers for Saturday’s Duel Meets is regulated by the Colonial Swim League Rules, our By-Laws, and the Aqua Jets Team Handbook. Per these requirements, the Coach is puts together the most competitive team that he/she can. Basically, that means the fastest swimmers will swim Saturday’s Duel Meets. While abiding by those guidelines, the Coach may use his/her discretion in placing swimmers in the events in order to allow our team to earn as many points as possible. These meets are important, as our swimmer’s times achieved at these meets determine our Division in the League.

Q: My child has camp and cannot attend practice certain days, may he/she still be on the team?
A: Yes! We recognize that this is a summer swim team and there will occasionally be other summer activities or vacations which conflict with practice. All swimmers are encouraged to attend as many practices and meets as possible. In return, the coaching staff will be expected to provide a positive, competitive, supportive environment for all swimmers and their families. Email Kristina Hart ([email protected]) with specific scheduling questions.

Q: My child came in first on Wednesday night. Does that mean he will swim on Saturday?
A: Not necessarily. The League rules prohibit swimmers who place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at Saturday’s Duel Meets from swimming in those events at the following Wednesday’s Developmental Meet. Therefore, the team’s fastest swimmers may not have been at Wednesday’s Developmental Meet. Your child’s best time must be among the top times in that event.

Q: How come the Navigation bar doesn’t work with my browser?
A: Make sure any popup blockers are turned off or configured to allow popups from this site. Popup blockers may prohibit some of the functionality from working properly. Also, make sure that JavaScript is enabled (Enabling Javascript).

Q: Can I still register even though registration is over?
A: No, please contact the Kristina Hart ([email protected]) for more information.

Q: Can I withdraw my child from the team?
A: Yes, please contact Kristina Hart (([email protected])  for details.  Refund Policy:  We understand that sometimes after you have registered you may need a refund.  If the refund is requested BEFORE the first day of practice you will be refunded your full registration amount MINUS a $25 administrative fee.  As of the first day of practice there will be NO REFUNDS.

Q: How can I get a team suit?
A: A team outfitting will be held at AVSP on DATE and TIME TBD.  If you are unable to attend the team outfitting you must go to Cassels in Herndon.  You can go there any time and buy our suit., 703-435-4446

Q: Where is the Lakes pool?
A: Lakes Pool 44078 Cheltanham Cir. Ashburn, VA 20147

Q: Where is the Pavilion pool?
A: 20585 Ashburn Village Blvd, Ashburn, VA 20147

Q: For morning practices, are kids allowed in the pool/baby pool during practice?
A: Pool management does not allow use of the pool for non-swim team activity during practices. 

Q: Any flexibility to move around practice attendance?
A: You need to ensure that the child can fit with the age group you are looking to be a part of. Email Coach Kristina Hart with questions: [email protected].

Q: Schedule doesn’t say 6 and under what is the age group they swim with?
A: Developmental meets have 6 and under events; otherwise 8 and under applies to age 8 and all ages below.

Q: What is the birthday cut off?
A: 15 June is the date of birth that determines an age group for the season.

Q: How many kids are on the team?
A: We can take a MAX of 250 swimmers!