Ashburn Village Aqua Jets Swim Meets

Three Types of Meets:

LEAGUE "A" MEETS (Saturday mornings): The lineup consists of three of the top swimmers (by time) in each event and in each age group who compete for points against another League team in our division. Lineup is determined by the Head Coaches.

Swimmers:  Swimmers need to commit whether they are available or unavailable for an A meet on Team Unify by Wednesday nights at 11:59 PM. The head coach will then create a lineup for the meet and send it out via email on Thursday evenings or Friday Mornings. If you become aware of availability problems with the meet sheet, please notify the Head Coach via email ASAP.

DEVELOPMENTAL "B" MEETS (Wednesday evenings):  These meets are open to all swimmers. Swimmers may select 2 of the 4 events in addition to the IM (if offered). Swimmers that placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in a stroke the previous Saturday League meet may not swim that particular stroke in the next Developmental Meet.

Swimmers: Developmental meet sign up will be done via TeamUnify.  


TIME TRIALS MEETS (early season Saturday mornings): These are Aqua Jet-only meets which are open to everyone on the team.  All swimmers should plan on attending one of the two Time Trials meets in order to establish baseline seasonal times.  Experienced competitive swimmers should sign up for the events in which they already have legal swims.  New swimmers should sign up for Freestyle, and add additional strokes only after consulting with the head coaches.


Swimmers: Time Trials meet sign up will be done via TeamUnify.  


Special Meets

These meets are in addition to the Developmental meets, League meets, and Time Trials meets. Participation is determined by the coaches and is usually based on a qualifying time.

Relay Carnival: The top swimmers in each age group as determined by the head coach compete in this meet, which consists entirely of relays. Swimmers need to stay until the end.

Red Division Qualification Meet (aka Red Divisional Meet, Red Divisionals): This meet is the qualifying meet for All Stars and does not count in League standings. Selection to the Divisionals lineup is based upon the team age-group ladders as of the end of the last League meet and swimmer preference rankings for each event. The swimmers with the top eighteen times in each event across the four divisions qualify to swim at the All Star meet. Swimmers who are not going to be available to swim All Stars should not swim the Divisional meet so that other swimmers who are available for All Stars may participate.

All Stars: Based on Divisionals times, the top eighteen swimmers in each event across all four divisions represent their teams. 

FAQ: What to expect at a swim meet

You are on the team, you have been to practice, and now it's time for a meet. What do parents and swimmers need to know to be ready?

Do I have to swim every meet? Swimming is encouraged at all developmental meets but absences are allowed.

How do I sign up for events at a meet? All meet sign-ups will be done via TeamUnify.  

How do I sign up for events at a League meet? (aka Dual meet or A-meet) You need to commit your swimmer if they are available or unavailable by Wednesday at 11:59 PM each week The head coaches set the lineups for League meets.  Nominally, we bring roughly 55 swimmers to a League meet.  The lineups are distributed to the families shortly after the Developmental meet which precedes the League meet.  

What to bring to a meet? Swimmers should wear their Aqua Jet team suit (or allowed performance suit) and bring goggles (and a spare set), Aqua Jet team cap, towel(s), snacks, water, collapsible chair or towel to sit on, and something to do in between events (cards, coloring, book, etc.). Swimmers need to take full responsibility for all of their belongings -- don't bring anything that you would be upset to lose.

What concessions are available at meets? At home meets, Aqua Jet concessions sells a variety of items such as grilled burgers and hot dogs, pizza, Chick-fil-a (evenings), chips, candy, fruit, granola bars, water, sports drinks, sodas, coffee, donuts and bagels, breakfast burritos (mornings). At away meets, similar items are sold and occasionally a team will offer pizza slices, chick-fil-a, and breakfast burritos.

Where does a swimmer go at meets? At every meet, the swimmer should go to the team area upon arrival at pool. At home meets, the grassy area next to the baby pool is the team area. At away meets, it is TBD.

Where do parents/spectators go at meets? If you are one of the few people without a job to do at the meet there is limited deck seating around the pool to watch the meet. Bring a collapsible chair to the meet to use if you want to be sure to have seating or get there early!

Who stays in team area? All team members should be in the team area in between events. The team area parents assigned for the meet will oversee the swimmers' general behavior. If your child needs supervision, please remain in the team area with your swimmer. Note: Dropping off your child and leaving them unattended at a meet is never permitted.

What is the progression of a meet? Generally, the order is youngest swimmers to oldest swimmers in each stroke. Generally, the order is Free, Back, Breast, Fly, IM.  The exceptions are league-scheduled Developmental meets.  At the 2nd league-scheduled Developmental, it will be Back, Breast, Fly, Free.  At the 3rd, it will be Breast, Fly, Free, Back.  At the 4th, Fly, Free, Back Breast.

How does a swimmer know when it's time to swim his/her event? Swimmers are responsible for knowing what events they are swimming. The announcer will call swimmers to the Clerk of Course (CofC) as the events are lining up. Swimmers need to be listening for their events. When their event is called (for ex, "all 8 and under girls backstroke to Clerk of Course"), they need to go to the coaches handing out time cards, get their time card, and head to CofC with other team members. Coaches will take the younger swimmers to CofC. Generally, no one will come and find a swimmer for an event so it is possible to miss an event.

What is a time card? A time card (pink or blue index card) is issued for each event in which a swimmer is entered. It will have the swimmer's name with their event and sometimes heat and lane assignment (for ex, Girl Swimmer, Event #__, 50 M Breaststroke, Heat 3, Lane 5).  Swimmers collect their time cards from the coaches in the team area as events are called and take them to the CofC.  When there is no heat/lane already on the card, CofC will assign them and write them on the card.  

What does the swimmer do with time card? The swimmer will show their time card to the CofC so that they can be lined up for the correct event in the correct swimming order. On the pool deck, the swimmer will give their time card to either the runner (for all 25m events) or to the timer (for all 50m and 100m events).

What about a swimmer who forgets to sign up for a meet? Tell the Coaches the events you'd like to swim and they will hand-write "deck entry" time cards for you. Please sign up in advance, as deck entries create extra work for Coaches, Clerk of Course, and the Scorers Table.

What is Clerk of Course? Clerk of Course is where chaos becomes order.  Swimmers arrive in random packs.  CoC arranges them neatly into heats and lanes.  The Clerk of Course area is the baby pool area at the Lakes Pool. All swimmers from both teams are lined up in the CofC area by the volunteers before events. Runners will lead the swimmers out to the pool deck as the events are swum.

What does a swimmer do after his/her event? The swimmer should check in with his/her coach immediately following their swim for feedback. Following, the swimmer should return to the team area and prepare for next event.

How does a swimmer know how he/she has done? Midway through most meets, result sheets will be posted. Usually within 24 hours results are emailed to all Aqua Jet and will be posted on the website.

How long are meets? Developmental meets tend to be at least 4 hours and League meets are around 2 hours. These times are estimates and Developmental meets depend on how many swimmers each team has and how many are swimming at that meet. League meets run very quickly because each event has only one or two heats.

What to do when it's time to leave? When the swimmer has finished all their events and the parent is free from volunteering, it is ok to leave a developmental meet before it is over. (Swimmers must stay to the end of a league meet for relays.) Please have swimmers pick up all their trash from the team area and help return the area to its original condition.

What's my age again? 

Summer swim is a seasonal sport.  Almost all summer leagues choose a particular date by which ages are reckoned, and a swimmer's age on that day is their age for the entire season.  

In the Colonial Swim League, that date is June 15.  

E.g., if your 9th birthday is on June 15, you're a 9-year old for the entire season.  On the other hand, if your 9th birthday is on June 16, you're an 8-year old for the entire season. 

Exhibition Swimmer Mini-FAQ

Okay, what do those E's on the lineup mean?  'E' stands for exhibition.

Can exhibition swimmers or exhibition relays win ribbons at a League meet?  No.

Can they score points at a League meet?  No.


What if it's a relay event and both 'A' relays are disqualified?  If an exhibition is the fastest relay that doesn't DQ, can they score points?  No.  Only the 'A' relays can score points.  If both 'A' relays DQ, then no points are awarded for that event.


Do exhibition swimmers even get ranked with the regular swimmers?  No.  In the results, an exhibition swimmer will have "---" next to her name instead of the place she finished.


League rules say that swimmers who finish top three overall at a League meet can't swim that stroke at the next Developmental meet.  Suppose my exhibition swimmer swam the fastest time at a League meet.  Does that mean that he can't swim that stroke at the next Developmental meet?   No.  The intent of the League rule is to keep the same swimmers from winning all the best ribbons at both types of meets.  Since your swimmer didn't win a League meet ribbon, he is eligible for a Developmental meet ribbon in that stroke.


Do the times from exhibition swims count for the team ladders?  Yes.  As far as the ladders are concerned, times from exhibition swims are just like any other times.  The coaches will treat them all exactly the same. 


Will we see these E's anywhere else?  Yes.  You'll see them on meet results and you'll also see little E's on the ladders.