Meet Reminders

1)  Please ensure your swimmer arrives early enough to check in and warm up. League rules indicate that ALL swimmers must be checked in by the time the warm ups start.  

2)  Swimmers must wear the Piranhas swim suit to all meets - including time trials. There will be no exception to this - again this comes from the League.

3)  We strongly encourage all swimmers to wear caps. If you don't have a team cap, any solid color will do but you cannot wear a cap for another team. This also goes for t-shirts.- we really want to see the Team T shirts in alll its blaze and glory on deck - refrain from wearing any other swim team you may be attached to our of season.

4)  Parents may not enter the staging area (grassed area) and all swimmers should remain in that area when they are waiting to swim the next stroke. This will alleviate the stress of the clerk or course who are rounding up the swimmers for their heats.

If you are UNABLE to attend a meet:

You MUST remove them from the meet commitment via the home page. You can do this in advance of all meets if you know, for example, that you cannot attend a meet in July already. 

If you do not take your swimmer out of the meet, they are automatically entered. There are many hours put in prior to a meet by several people including the coaches, to ensure your swimmer(s) are entered into the meet correctly so advance notice will save them alot of time (and trouble on the day of that meet). 

We appreciate that sometimes its last minute notice and you may have missed the cutoff deadline. When that happens you must email the Board secretary with notification as soon as you can.

Deadline for signing out your child is:

Wednesday meet -  Sunday prior to Wednesday meet

Saturday meet - Wednesday prior to Saturday meet

1. Log into your account.

2. Go to the home page and find the meet(s) your swimmer will not be attending

3. click on "edit commitment" and  then click on the swimmers' name that is unable to attend.

4. Click on unable to attend in the drop down box and save changes.