Piranhas Pre-Season Prep (3P) SWIMMING SPONSORSHIP

Piranhas Pre-Season Prep Swimming is a CSL and ODSL community based summer swim program located in the Broadlands with the support of over 275 families and approximately 420+ swimmers!

As requested by our CSL and ODSL Piranha families, we are once again offering our off-season swim clinics this Fall 2019 to provide those swimmers that do not swim year-round an opportunity to “stay wet”.


  • Great community outreach and supporting a good cause.Our swimmers and their families are loyal patrons, we support our sponsors.
  • Piranha Swimming has one of the most successful programs; with multiple division titles and annually sending 20+ swimmers to All-Stars.
  • Sponsorship may come in many forms: Monetary Donations, In-Kind Donations or Gift Cards
  • Tax deductible donation; we are a 501-c (3) organization.

But mostly… We'd like to be Your Customers!

You'll connect with hundreds of receptive individuals and families that have lots of kids that could soon become your customers. Remember, we love our sponsors and welcome a chance to return the favor of your contribution to our team.  As importantly, about 30% of our monthly website traffic arrives from 1st time visitors, which means you'll reach far more than just our registered members.

3P Session Estimated Offerings

September through early November

Early December through Mid February

Early March through mid May

All sponsors will receive the following: Marketing materials (flyer, coupons, menu, etc) to be distributed to all Piranha Swimming families **materials provided by sponsor

Bronze Sponsor- $75 sponsorship (per 3P session)

  • Your logo will appear in a professionally designed 3P Clinic Registration announcement image to be posted on the Piranha Swimming FB page and the Broadlands Mom FB page.
  • Your company name and/or logo will appear on 3P email correspondences. This includes registration announcement emails to families, placing your company name in the inbox of about 250 Broadlands ODSL and CSL families.
  • Your logo will be included in all Piranha Swimming social media posts relating to the 3P clinics except for 3P sponsored videos
  • 3P End of Session Thank you Facebook Post
  • Social media tracking data report at the end of each session

Silver Sponsor- $200 sponsorship (per 3P session)

In addition to the above items, you will receive:

  • Your logo will appear on the 3P Swimming T-shirt

Gold Sponsor- $225 sponsorship (per 3P session)

In addition to the above items, you will receive:

  • Your logo will appear on our 3P Registration page and includes text or promotion of no more than two short sentences and a link to a web page designated by your company.
  • Your logo and your promotion or text, will be included in the registration confirmation email.
  • Your logo will be larger in size than the Silver Sponsor logo
  • We will post one video from the 3P clinic to the Piranha Swimming Facebook that will be exclusively “Sponsored by” your company.

Please make your check payable to “Piranha Swimming”

Please contact

Priscilla Hayward

Email: [email protected]