Chase Club Sharks 

The swim season begins on the Tuesday after Memorial Day with after-school practices. Practice schedules are established by age group and swimmer ability. Generally, the older swimmers have the earliest practice times to coincide with their school release times. We recognize that many students are involved in after-school activities that continue until the end of the school year and ask that students do their best to attend as many practices as possible. 

Practices move to morning sessions when school is finished. Meets are held on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings, beginning on the first Saturday of summer vacation. The Wednesday evening meets are developmental and give all swimmers an opportunity to swim. The Saturday meets are scored competitive meets and the coaches are allowed to enter three swimmers in each event in each age group.

The regular season ends with a divisional competition in late July that is followed by an All-Star meet for which swimmers must qualify. The end of the regular swim season is celebrated with an awards banquet at our pool on the same Saturday as the divisional meet, typically the last Saturday in July. Swimmers and their immediate family members are invited to this festive event where the effort and achievement of the swimmers is highlighted.

We encourage swimmers of all skills and ability to join the team. 

Practice Schedule