The Board of Directors oversees the scope, various committee volunteers, and activities for our community's Chase Club Sharks Swim Team program.

The following describes the various roles and proposed responsibilities for this group. Also included are descriptions for the roles within the board members' various committees/work teams. These descriptions are but a guide to help explain the many functions to offer our current community swim team experience. Each volunteer brings their own creativity, energy, and ideas to the role. After reviewing the descriptions, you can sign up for your summer volunteer role here.

Team Rep
VP Finance (Treasurer)
VP Communications

VP Operations
Computer Rep

In addition, we propose the creation of a Shark Alumni Advisory Board of past presidents/team representatives/coaches to connect periodically to share updates and ideas for the program.

Team Rep (Currently Tracy Mason/with assistance last year from Sheilah Lee) SEEKING TO FILL THIS ROLE WITH A NEW VOLUNTEER in Fall 2022
Coordinates all swimming activities, including little flippers program, represents team and ensures all rules are followed at all league functions, recruits and manages coaches and officials, acts as primary Colonial Swim League (CSL) liaison

VP Finance (Treasurer), Currently Heather McLeish)
Works with Team Rep and President to create and administer the swim team budget, primary bank and vendor liaison, oversees all team expenditures including payroll, and submits lifeguard coverage requests.

VP Communications, Currently Tracy Mason) SEEKING TO FILL THIS ROLE WITH A NEW VOLUNTEER in Spring 2022
Coordinates all team’s communications activities including website, email updates, and photography. Serves as or appoints Ombudsman to offer feedback from all team stakeholders to the board.

VP Operations (Gina Comottor signed on in Spring 2022)
Coordinates membership master list, creates team calendar of social events and schedule, and oversees volunteer staffing and logistics for all team events

Computer Rep (Currently Taye/Dave Kelley)
Enters and keeps current all team statistics to include: swimmers, meet event, heats, lanes, and race times and personal bests and team records. Works with coaches and team reps to submit meet rosters and print out timecards for all league meets.  Prints and works with Ribbons and Personal Best coordinators to distribute ribbon labels after meets.

President (Currently Tracy Mason), SEEKING TO FILL THIS ROLE WITH A NEW VOLUNTEER in Spring/NTL Fall 2022
Recruits board members, facilitates board operations, serves as HCRA liaison, Develops COVID protocols and risk oversight. Must be a member of the pool, preferred previous Swim Team board experience. It is not necessary however for this person to have a child currently swimming on the team.

Other committee volunteer roles needed:
Age Group activity co-chair: (new position this season) A great way to help our swimmers bond, you and a co-chair will plan a social activity (within an allocated budget other than something at the pool) for all the swimmers in your child's age group (15-18s, 13-14s, 11-12s, 9-10s, and 8 and unders* (*this does not include Little Flippers who have a separate social activity). Suggestions include a kickball game with popsicles at Willow Springs school field, a scavanger hunt around the 'hood, host a movie night at your home with light refreshments, go bowling**, go roller skating**, host a make your own pizza night, play a game of flashlight tag in the hood  (**all participants pay their own way at these admission required activities).

All-Stars Coordinator: If Chase Club has swimmers attending the CSL All-Stars meet and the team rep is not available, this person oversees all logistics and coordination for the meet including attending and communicating results of the meet sheet scratch sessions. If Chase Club volunteers to host this meet, this volunteer acts as the event lead coordinating events’ league-wide logistics, communication, and volunteers.

Announcer/DJ:  Play music, account all swim events and any relevant meet announcements to ensure that the meet runs according to schedule.  Set up and take down the team's speaker/microphone equipment.

Awards:  Work with registration lead/team rep to order and purchase trophies, senior recognition, and awards. Delivers and sets up trophies and awards at the senior swimmers’ last meet and the End of Season Party and follows up with any swim families to distribute items if they did not attend the event.

Computer Operations Assistant: Helps enter and upkeep all team statistics to include:  swimmers, meet event, heats, lanes, and race times and personal bests and team records. Serve as back up for Computer Rep if not available at any meet or to submit CSL info. Helps create and distribute timecards and ribbon labels for all league meets.

Concessions:  Working with Treasurer and VP Operations, coordinates food, drink & supply purchases within budget scope, determine product offerings and confirms pricing/budget with treasurer; coordinates concession volunteers, set up/breakdown.

Divisionals Coordinator: If Chase Club volunteers to host the CSL divisional meet, this person oversees all logistics and coordination for the meet.

End of Season Party (usually called the banquet): Organize end of the season party including ticket sales and distribution.  Coordinate the committee to set up/decorate, serve, and clean up the night of the party.

Head Official:  Works with VP Ops to coordinate the assignments and scheduling of officials for each meet (Starter, Referee, Stroke and Turn Judges). Also works with Team Rep to submit recommendations for interleague events including AllStars, Divisionals, IM tough and Relay Carnival.

Nametag maker: To help us get to know new families, we wear nametags at each swim team activity. This volunteer makes all the nametags from a master list supplied by the registration lead.

Photographer/Videographer: Volunteer(s) who takes photos of all meets, social activities, swimmer milestones (first 25s and record-breaking swims) and numerous on deck/practice activities. Works with Secretary/Comms Leads and VP Operations to make sure all events are captured and promoted on website, social media, and for the end of the year slide show. 

Ombudsman: Newly proposed position. Could be VP Comms or other volunteer member of the current season swim team ‘family’ who collects and shares anonymous feedback to the board regarding program as needed.

Pool Set Up/Tear down Lead: Lead set up and tear down volunteers to set up pool area in accordance with team instructions/maps ensuring all areas are meet ready before/after the meets or various team events begin. Also work with coach and team rep to ensure all equipment is locked in storage areas before departing the pool. In past, if there are enough parent volunteers, there can be a separate committee chair for "A" meets (Sat. mornings, and "B" meets Wed. afternoons).  The "A" and "B" meet chairs usually each do one of the time trials if there is more than one session needed.

Record Board: VP comms or volunteer updates the team record board and works with VP comms to make sure website/social media reflects whenever a record is broken.

Registration: Works with VP Operations and VP Comms to create registration website, pull team lists and recruit and retain swimmers. Provides master list for swimsuit ordering, little flipper program matching, and time trials

Ribbons:  Maintain ribbon supplies. Works with treasurer and Computer Rep to coordinate ribbon preparation and distribution for each team event. Also coordinates Personal best board with Computer Rep and Personal Best lead.

Sharks and Minnows Program: Works with VP Ops, Team rep, and coaches to match Little Flippers with Sharks swimmers at the beginning of the season to develop mentor relationships and leads activities to promote team spirit.

Slide Show: Works with VP Comms, team photographers/videographers and crowdsources visuals to collect photos, create and present an end of the season slide show.

Social Coordinator:  Plan and arrange team social events, (usually held on Thursdays throughout the summer season but may also include Memorial Day kickoff, Winter caroling in the neighborhood and after meet activities).  Produce and post flyers announcing events and collection of any money if needed.  Work with event leads to set up, serve and clean up at team social events.

Spiritwear Lead: Works with treasurer, team rep and vendor to select, coordinate swim team tshirts, sweatsuit, swim bag, waterbottles, hats, towels selection, try-on sessions, and team purchase. Distributes spiritwear and helps with swimsuit distribution with Swim apparel/spiritwear lead.

Swim Apparel/spiritwear: Works with treasurer, team rep and vendor to select, coordinate swimsuit selection, try-on sessions, and team purchase. Distributes suits, goggles, and all other team apparel with Spiritwear lead.

Swim team folders: Sets up ribbon folders and Little Flippers Star board at the pool for each swimmer

Swim team mailbox: Usually VP Comms, monitors HCRA and chase club website emails and submits articles to the HCRA monthly newsletter/websites.

Team Photos: Organize the team photo event to include: contacting the photographer (or may be the photographer), setting a date, posting and distribution of information to swim team members, collection of money, and organization of team on the day the photos are taken and distribution of photos once they are delivered. Provides all photos to slide show coordinator no later than two weeks prior to slide show presentation date.

Thank yous: Works with VP Comms to appropriately thank and recognize volunteers for their contributions to the swim team program

Volunteer coordinator: Works with VP Operations/Registration coordinator to make sure each family has been assigned and fulfills its volunteer commitment for the season and meets when its swimmers participate.

Winter Swim Team Rep: Work with Chase Club Team rep to pick time and reserve venue for winter season program. Builds schedule with winter season coaches. Attends all winter swim practices and serves as primary parent and coach point of contact to run winter program.