Summer swim is a fun time for communities to get together and support our kids and to generate interest in a great sport. The Chase Club Sharks is a small team, requiring both financial and volunteer resources to have a successful swim season.  Swimmer registration is not considered complete until each family signs up as an activity coordinator/helper or fills one of the "All Team" volunteer positions.  To find these jobs:

  • Search through "Team Functions" on the home page to find a social event, then
  • Click "Job Sign Up" to find the "Family Volunteer Commitment Sign Up" list, or
  • Click on Events tab, then the first entry "Family Volunteer Commitment Sign Up"
  • Then submit your sign-up to serve as a coordinator or helper. 

Additionally, ALL families will be required to sign up for a job at EVERY meet at least one swimmer per family is in the pool.  Links to sign-up for these jobs are in every meet announcement.  There are jobs required for both Home and Away meets, and you can register for these when you commit your swimmer(s) for the meet; these are not required as part of the registration process.


These volunteer commitments are mandatory, but we understand that unplanned absences (i.e., illness) occur.  We ask that you please work with the Volunteer Coordinator to find a replacement.

Click Here to select a volunteer position