Swim Meet Volunteer Jobs

Announcer:  Announce all swim meet events and any relevant meet announcements to ensure that the meet runs according to schedule.  


Clerk of Course:  Organize the swimmers in the waiting area before their event. Seat swimmers in the order in which they will swim their event by lane and heat and confirm that each swimmer understands the event and the lane they are assigned. Check that time cards are filled out completely and correctly. 


Computer Coordinator:  Manage swim meet data entry for whole season.


Concessions:  Set up and break down concession stand at home meets.  Coordinator will organizer shopping (if needed) and helpers will assist in selling food and drinks starting half hour before the meet begins.  Ice may need to be picked up before the meet and menus finalized and printed for posting near the concessions table.  


Data Entry:  Assist Computer Coordinator with record swimmers’ times in the computer during the meet and complete all entries by the conclusion of the meet.  


Head Timer:  This is a position reserved for veteran timers.  S/he calls for and leads timers' meeting 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet (notify announcer to gather timers at specified location). Timers' meeting notes can be found in the timing watches box.  During the meet, Head Timer ensures all timers' watches are cleared before each race, signals starter timers are ready, and assists timers if their watches fail to start once a race has begun.


Meet Table:  Collect time cards and DQ slips, confirm the median time is legible and run them to the data entry room.  Once results come back, printed labels with winning swimmers' names and times need to be afixed to the appropriate ribbons.


Meet Referee:  A position that requires certification by the Colonial League.  To be eligible to be a referee, an individual must be recommended by the Team representative.  In addition, the candidate must be certified as a stroke and turn judge as well as a starter and have knowledge of all deck official positions and meet administrative responsibilities.  (League training required)


Runner: Help bring swimmers from the Clerk of Course to their pre-race deck position and give the time cards to the timers.  After a race, collect time cards from timers and run them to the Meet Table.


Starter:  A position that requires certification by the Colonial League.  To be eligible for the position of the starter an individual must have worked one season as a Stroke and Turn judge.  The Starter is responsible for the correct start of each event during a meet. (League training required)


Stroke and Turn Judge:  A position that requires certification by the Colonial League.  The responsibilities include: watching each lane during each event to determine if the stroke and turns are being completed correctly and completing DQ cards for swimmers that have been disqualified from a particular event.  (League training required)


Timers:  Collect the swimmers' time cards before each race and record the race times on the card.  Each lane team should select one person to write each time, and the others will use the stopwatches to record race times.  Time cards are given to the runner.