Fort Myer Swim Team

Base Access

Because our team's pool is on military base, parents are required to adhere to the Fort Myer policies regarding security to gain access to the base. Parents with military IDs, or who work for the Federal government and who have a PIV ID card, will be allowed on base without having to go through car inspection. Parents without a PIV card, can apply for an "Installation Access Control Pass" which will only be valid during the swim season*. The process to get a card is to complete the paperwork and have the base process a background check as follows:

  1. Download and complete the form on the Fort Myer web site (here).  Pre-printed, pre-signed applications can be picked up from Sheena in the Four Star Catering Building that is next to (attached to) Patton Hall. Five Star Catering (where you obtain your Patton Hall and/or pool membership) will sponsor families for the summer.  You will need to get the pre-filled out form from their office or take a downloaded form to Sheena to complete prior to going to step 2 below. 
  2. Bring the application to the Hatfield Gate (2nd Street entrance) and tell the guard you would like to process your application.  They will direct you to the trailer building located near the gate.   
  3. Upon receipt of the completed application, the base will complete the required background checks, and notify you once the pass has been issued, and is ready for pickup (usually 3-5 business days).
More information about the Fort Myer base access procedures can be found  here.
*Patton Hall members will be issued passes good for 1 year.
Visiting Teams

Visiting swim teams are required to undergo a vehicle search and security vetting prior to base entry. This process can take between 10-30 minutes, so please allow sufficient time to access the base prior to swim meets.

Pre-vetting is a process used to expedite base access for large groups. The FMST Team Representative will contact the visiting team’s representative four weeks prior to the meet to discuss information required to enable pre-vetting. 

Pool locations and directions can be found here.