Fort Myer Swim Team (FMST)

Swim meet officials are critical to the success of our meets. Swim meets cannot be run if there is an insufficient number of officials. These officials are certified by the league after attending league-provided training, passing the exam, and after spending three meets shadowing a certified official at the level of certification you are seeking. The Colonial Swim League meet officials include: Starter, Referee, and Stroke & Turn Judge.

Please see the  CSL Officials Information page for FAQs and certification requirements.
The following Ft Myer parents are actively certified through the Colonial Swim League.  THANK YOU for all your help!
Becky Mohler  Referee, Starter, S&T
Allegra Jabo  Starter, Stroke & Turn
Mike McCarthy  Starter, Stroke & Turn
Gary Strebe  Starter, Stroke & Turn
Lisa Festa  Stroke & Turn
Kelly Sherman  Stroke & Turn
Cris Gardner  Stroke & Turn
Andy Berner  Stroke & Turn
Jenny Sammis  Stroke & Turn
Brennan Dewitt  Stroke & Turn
Mike Jackson  Stroke & Turn