Fort Myer Swim Team

Standards of Conduct

These Standards are provided to promote respect, fairness, civility, honesty, responsibility, and appropriate behavior. These Standards foster a positive environment at all swim meets; establish an atmosphere of respect for all participants, officials, and spectators; produce positive learning outcomes for all; build participant and team spirit; and enhance the sport of swimming.

All Athletes, Coaches, Team Representatives, Officials, Parents/ Spectators shall: 
  • Respect all officials at all times, and address them in a courteous manner.
  • Avoid using inappropriate language, profanity, humiliating or intimidating remarks or behavior, verbal or physical assault toward any athlete, coach, team representative, official, or spectator.
  • Follow applicable management, pool, and facility rules, respecting others’ property at all times.
  • Display respect, courtesy, and good manners toward athletes, coaches, Team Representatives, and spectators. Team Representatives shall assist officials in maintaining control of spectators during meets.
  • Demonstrate humility in victory and courtesy in defeat.
Head Coaches shall:
  • Ensure athletes and assistant coaches demonstrate maturity and good sportsmanship toward other athletes, officials, coaches, and spectators at all times.
  • Lead by example to instill a love for the sport, advance aquatic skills, teamwork and good sportsmanship in their team.
Spectators shall:
  • Maintain an appropriate distance from the competition area by remaining in established viewing areas and shall not encroach the pool deck or interfere with any officials.
  • Not engage in loud, intimidating, disrespectful, or negative behavior toward officials, athletes, other spectators, support personnel, or pool staff (including lifeguards).

In addition, during practices and meets spectators, including parents, other swimmers, and caregivers are NOT allowed on the deck of the pool.  The only individuals allowed on deck during practice are the swimmers who are practicing and coaches.  During a meet, volunteers are also allowed on deck.