Fort Myer Swim Team (FMST)

Team Uniform
Team suits can be purchased at Sports Fair located at 5010 Lee Highway, Arlington.  Ask the staff at Sports Fair for the Fort Myer Swim Team suit and they will assist you with sizing.  The logo is applied after you have chosen the suit and the suit is non-refundable once the logo is applied.   
Everyone must be in the team uniform for meets.  Uniform consists of the team suit and team swim cap.   One FMST swim cap will be provided per swimmer at Time Trials.  Additional caps can be purchased at any meet directly from the team.
You are not required to wear the team suit during practice. We encourage swimmers to use a different practice suit to maintain the team suit in excellent condition.  
At the beginning of the season, a link is sent out to parents for the FMST online store. Shirts, sweats, and much more can be ordered online. Orders are taken for several weeks at the start of the season.  We also sell t-shirts and other team apparel at Time Trials and most swim meets.