Fort Myer Swim Team

Fort Myer Swim Team Eligibility


Due to our team affiliation with Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, our team has special eligibility requirements. 90% of our families must be Patton Hall eligible and MUST JOIN Patton Hall.  Patton Hall eligible are military (active duty and retired), Department of Defense employees, and federal employees.  You must supply your Patton Hall membership number by the end of the first week of practice.  

In addition to Department of Defense employees and military personnel, Federal civilian employees are also eligible to join Patton Hall, as are military ranks E7-E9 (Sargent to Warrant Officer Ranks).

Team eligibility rules are as follows:

  • If your family is eligible to join Patton Hall, then you MUST join Patton Hall and obtain a pool membership.  Patton Hall application materials are available at the Five Star Catering Office located at 214 Jackson Ave., Fort Myer, VA.  

  • FMST is allowed to offer swim team memberships to a limited number of families who are not eligible to join Patton Hall. 

  • FMST must maintain a ratio of 90% Patton Hall-Member to 10% Patton Hall-Ineligible.  

  • Priority for membership is given to swimmers returning from the previous year.  Based on space availability, membership is then opened to new families on a first-come, first-served basis.  

Families that do not meet eligibility requirements may join the swim team based on availability of slots within individual age groups. These families may participate in all team activities (e.g., practices and competitive meets), and are able to join the pool at the non-member rate, but will not be granted full rights and privileges to Patton Hall facilities. An additional registration fee (rate TBD) is assessed for families who are ineligible to join Patton Hall.

Registration consists of the completion of the on-line registration form and submission of payment and completion of a waiver form. Payment and forms must be submitted before your swimmer can be officially registered and eligible to participate in practices or meets, including time trials.

ALL new 10 and under swimmers must take a swim evaluation prior to the start of the season in order to participate on the team.  The evaluation will be held at a local indoor pool on a weekend day prior to the start of the season (date, time, location to be announced).  The evaluation requires the swimmer swim one length of the pool without stopping and unassisted (i.e., no noodle, grabbing the lane line or wall).  Any stroke is allowed.  The Coaches will evaluate each swimmer to determine his/her eligibility to participate on the team.  If a swimmer is unable to successfully complete the evaluation we will refund your registration fee.  

If you have specific questions about eligibility, please contact a member of the FMST Executive Committee.