Fort Myer Swim Team

General Information about Fort Myer Swim Meets

FMST competes in the the Colonial Swim League (CSL). The team has two sets of swim meets:  "A" meets are competitive and are scheduled for Saturday mornings. "B" meets are our developmental meets and are scheduled for Wednesday evenings.  "A" meets are dual meets between Ft. Myer and another team in our division. The results of each event are scored and team with the most points wins the meet. Our ranking within the division is based on the number of wins and losses from each of the five A meets.

B Meets occur on Wednesday evenings against one other team within CSL.  All FMST swimmers are encouraged to participate. Each swimmer is typically able to select up to three events (e.g., free, back, fly, plus the IM) to swim at each B meet (with the exception that a swimmer who places in the top 3 in a particular events at the prior A meet may not swim that event at the next B meet). There are no relays at B meets. Ribbons are awarded at both A and B meets and are typically distributed during FMST practice within a day or two of each meet.

For a step through of what to expect on meet day, please see the Meet Logistics page on our site.

In addition to the regular dual meets, there are several other special meets during the season:

  1. Time Trials: This is essentially a practice swim meet for FMST swimmers to set a baseline of times at the start of the season. Time trials is a good time for new swimmers to experience what a real swim meet is like and provide the coaches with an assessment of each swimmer prior to the start of the season.   THIS IS A MANDATORY MEET.
  2. Invitational Meets: FMST works to set up other opportunities for our team members to swim against area teams. Each season FMST will work to arrange additional meets with Colonial Swim League teams, Country Club league teams (Army-Navy), and other area military teams. These meets will be included on the team calendar each year and are not mandatory.
  3. Relay Carnival: This meet includes teams from the entire Colonial Swim League and consists of a variety of different relay events for each age group. Everyone is welcome to attend, but FMST is only allowed one entry per relay event in each age group. The coaches will communicate directly with those swimmers slated to participate in the Relay Carnival. All are welcome to come out and support the team. 
  4. Divisional Championship Meet: On the sixth Saturday of the swim season, each Division holds a Divisional Championship meet, commonly referred to as “Divisionals.” This meet consists of all the individual events in a regular A meet, plus the individual medley event designated by ages 10 & under, 11-12, 13-14, and 15-18. This is not scored as a team event; instead, swimmers are competing as individuals. Teams are permitted three swimmers in each event, and swimmers are selected for the events based on their times. Preferences are given to the fastest swimmers in each event and age group. Times swum in Divisionals are the only times used to determine if the swimmer is eligible to qualify for All Stars. 
  5. All Star Meet: After Divisionals, the top 18 swimmers across the Colonial Swim League (CSL) in each event go on to swim in the All Star Meet. All Stars can be overwhelming for a first time swimmer as approximately 600 swimmers converge on a pool for a meet that takes over six hours. If your swimmer is fast enough to be named an All Star, it is an honor they will never forget.


Not every FMST swimmer will swim in an A meet. The line-up identifying which swimmers will participate at each A meet will be distributed via email the night prior to the meet (Friday). That line-up will reflect the Coach's selection of the fastest 3 swimmers in each event who are available to swim that day (each swimmer is limited to 3 events, plus a relay and the IM). The A meet line-up will vary week-to-week based on availability, and performance of swimmers at time trials and previous A and B meets. Swimmers who initially are not in the A meet line-up may move themselves into the line-up based on their performance at the preceding B meet. 

All swimmers are invited to participate in B meets. One limitation is that a swimmer who places first, second, or third in an event from the week's prior A meet, may not swim that event in the next B meet (but can swim other events).

It is imperative that you check the A meet line-up each week to determine whether your child is slated to swim. If your swimmer is a no-show at an A Meet, the team will not get the points that your swimmer may have earned. Relays occur at the end of A meets, after the individual events are completed. Relays are critically important in terms of the overall team score for the meet. In past years, we have had occurrences of families departing early from a swim meet, not realizing that their swimmer was supposed to swim in a relay, which left the relay incomplete and the team unable to complete for the relay points. 


If you are going to miss a meet - please let the coaches know by email as soon as possible. If your swimmer is going to miss more than one practice at time (3 days in a row because of camp or vacation, etc), please also let the coaches know by email as well. This is CRITICALLY important. Coaches spend many hours over the course of the week working on our lineups and each swimmer is put into an event for a specific reason. It is very difficult to make changes at 6am the morning of a swim meet (and it’s really stressful on the coaches and our parent volunteers).

Disqualifications (DQs) and False Starts

A swimmer will be disqualified (or DQ'd) if he/she does not follow the rules of the stroke or false starts. A DQ means that the swim is invalid and the swim time does not count. A DQ can be upsetting for the first-time swimmer, but it has happened to every swimmer. The best way to approach a DQ is as a learning experience. The coaches will communicate directly with swimmers who may have been DQ’d and explain to them what they did wrong.

The Team Rep is the only person who can officially question or protest a DQ or any other call by an official. If something happens involving your swimmer which you do not think is right, talk first to the Head Coach to determine, if in fact, there was an illegal stroke or turn and/or to determine if the Head Coach has already discussed the issue with the Team Rep. The Team Rep will initiate action in accordance with Colonial Swim League rules if thought to be appropriate.


Every swim meet as a theme that the team dresses up for. The swimmers are expected (and parents are welcome) to come dressed up for this theme. We will take a group photo before warmups. If you arrive late to the meet, you will miss the picture. No need to spend money - just try to find hilarious and fun costumes around the house that are creative and fit the theme. Go here for a list of themes for the season.  

Meet Mobile

During meets, FMST uses Meet Mobile, an app for Apple and Android devices, to post results from swim meets as they are getting scored during the meet. This app allows you to follow favorite swimmers, view heat sheets, and get real-time updates to scores.  Go here for more information on using Meet Mobile.  

Our plan is to use this app for both A meets and B meets. Because we will need to get concurrence from the other teams, this feature may not be available at every swim meet. Please note that parents will have to search for the specific name of the meet. We will try to send out this information prior to each meet.