Fort Myer Swim Team

Back at Fort Myer in 2021!

The Patton Hall pool complex will open in 2021 and we are excited to be back at Fort Myer this summer! However, we are still under evoloving covid restrictions, so practice times will be modified depending on the limitations per lane. All families will also have to adhere to the latest social distancing and mask requirements required by the Base.

The Colonial Swim League is planning a regular competitive season but there will likely be spectator modifications and other adjustments. We do know the league voted not to hold the Relay Carnival, which involved hundreds of swimmers.

We are also still assessing how to host/modify some of our traditional team events, including the team picnic and end of season Banquid.

In order to have a fun and safe season, we will be relying on everyone's copperation and patience to make this happen!

Jeannie Andress

FMST President