Fort Myer Swim Team

In reponse to the 2018 End-of-season Survey we are introducing a few updates to existing programs and new features to our swim program.

Sponsor Families

Joining a summer swim team can be daunting.  It's a short season and there is a lot to learn about practices, meets, volunteering, etc.  In an effort to ease the transition for our new families we will be "matching" new families with an existing family who will serve as a sponsor or mentor to help the new family become aquainted with the ins and outs of the Fort Myer Swim Team.  We will be asking for volunteer families to sponsor (or mentor) new families as we move closer toward the start of the season.  

Team Captains

One of the great features of participating on a sports team are the opportunities for the athletes to learn and develop leadership skills.  Starting this year Coach Stephanie will appoint two swimmers to serve as the Team Captains.  The Team Captains must be a returning member of the swim team, but need not be a graduating senior.  The Team Captains will teach and lead team cheers, exhibit exemplary sportsmanship by cheering on fellow swimmers, encouraging younger swimmers to do their best, and showing overall enthusiasm for the team.  

Team Houses

New this year, the Coaches will divide the team into four "houses."  Each house will consist of swimmers across age groups and a mix of new and returning swimmers.  The houses will be lead by coach-appointed co-heads.  We have decided to retire the Big/Little program due to inconsistent interest for the last few years.  The purpose of the houses is to provide a smaller, team building environment and to encourage team spirit and friendly competition across houses.  It is a way for younger and older swimmers to interact and have fun at the same time.  Each house can decide on their own activites, but may include features like, house-cheers, house social events, and house themes.  Periodically the coaches will encourage house competitions, like an award for the house that exhibits the most team spirit at a meet.  

Social Activities

Many families join the swim team as a way to provide exercise for their child, but then quickly realize that the team provides a great community and opportunities to meet families within and outside your immediate neighborhood.  We have many families that return to the team after moving back to the area following a military reassignment.  We heard you loud and clear that you want more social activities!  Our new social chair, Lee Berner, is planning some new events for 2019 and will be reaching out to families who are able to host spaghetti dinners or movie nights or other team and family community building events.  Stay tuned!  

Volunteer Points

A few years ago the Board introduced a point system whereby each family was expected to fulfill 10 volunteer points, or about 10 volunteer hours throughout the season.  While this a requirement, we have yet to introduce a "penalty" for failure to meet it, which means we still have inconsistent compliance and a lot of families shouldering much of the volunteer needs for the team.  In 2018 we allowed families to "buy out" of their requirement by paying a $100 surcharge at the beginning of the season with the expectation that any unmet points would be billed at $10/point.  We understand that it takes time to learn a new system and there were some issues with the sign-up platform.  Hence, we have decided to allow families to earn their unmet 2018 points in 2019, and that any unfulfilled 2018 + 2019 points will be billed at $10/point at the conclusion of the season.  The points must be met or paid before you can register for the 2020 season.  We hope this system strikes the right balance between fairness and flexibility.