Sequoia Farms Stingrays

The Sequoia Farms Community Swim Team

2023-2024 Team Suit:  TYR Alliance Splice

SFST 2023-2024 Team Suit - TYR Alliance Splice

All Stingray swimmers must have a team suit by Friday, June 9th.

Visit Cassel’s Sports & Awards  2816 Towerview Road Herndon, VA  20171
Business hours (M-F 10:00am-6:00pm; Closed Sat/Sun). 

Suit Prices

Female Maxfit - $67.99
Male Jammer - $50.99
Male Brief - 42.49

Swim Practice Gear

Swimmers need at practice:

Fins (8 and under need these, older groups should confirm with coach)
Water bottle (optional)
Swim cap (optional)
Competitive suit (either a practice suit or an official team suit - your choice)

Label your fins with a Sharpie as well as the rest of your equipment!

Check out Cassel’s in Herndon for all your swim gear needs - suits, goggles, fins, kickboards, caps, etc.

Swim Gear Defined

Be certain to buy quality equipment as you'll be using it almost every day for the rest of the summer.  Equipment purchased at Target, WalMart, Costco, (and sometimes Dicks) is not a good choice for swimming.

There are several sections here that also include external links.  Everything can be purchased at Cassel's.  If you do go to Cassel's to try something on, please buy something, they're a local business. 

The Eyes have it:  (Buy Multiples) 

Goggles are important to protect our eyes.  All swimmers should wear swim goggles.  These should fit the face and eye socket with minimal water leakage.  Dive masks are discouraged as they can easily slid off while diving/water entry.  This is outdoor season and there's a lot of sunlight bouncing around not to mention tons of chlorine.  We want dark and/or mirrored goggles. A bonus feature of good goggles is they have the ability to jump off your child's head and then magically teleport so that they can never be found again.  Buy Extra!!!! 

Speedo Vanquisher or  Jr. Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Goggle. (Check the colors, some are darker than others) 

TYR, little kids seem to like these, however the straps can be a pain 

Arena Mirror

These bungee cords are very popular and easy to adjust!

Swim Suits are more than Stylish

Competitive suits are different from recreation suits.  They should be tight / snug and a little uncomfortable when new.  In general, buy Finals, Speedo, Arena, some Nike, and Dolfin.  If you're unsure of fit, please go to Cassel's and let them help, they know what they're doing.  (They also have practice suites on sale most of the time).  If you find your suit is baggy or straps need adjusted all the time, you need a new suit!

This goes for the boys too.  Your "hanging out at the pool" suit is not appropriate for practice.  Believe it or not, that baggy pair of shorts you normally wear, will actually affect how you swim.  Then at meet time you won't feel right in your team suit.

Fins Fins Fins all the little kids want Fins

All 8 & Under kids will be using fins. Check with our older kid parents, they may have some to give you.  Fin sizing is very different than shoe sizes.  Please check out a local swim shop for measurements before you purchase. Again, please buy good quality fins.  Cheap fins tend to dig into feet and hurt. Here are the best for this age group:



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