2023 CST Handbook

Welcome Swimmers, and Families to the 2023 Crockett Swim Team season.  My name is Kayla Alvarado President of Crockett Swim Team, the Board and I would like to welcome our new and returning swimmers.  I am so excited to get this year's swim season off to a great start.

Our swimmers had a wonderful 2022 swim season, with many of them reaching personal best times. 2023 is scheduled to be our busiest one yet with more dual meets, invitationals and fun team activities.

We are a co-op team. Our children would not be able to swim without the help of our wonderful parents, grandparents, and other family members. There are many opportunities for families to be involved.  We count on you to be there for the team. There is a minimum of six swim meets that each family must work. This does not include special meets or league finals. If you sign your swimmer up for a special meet please be aware that you must make yourself available to work.

The Crockett Swim Team is a great opportunity for your child to stay active during the summer months.  Our wonderful coaching staff will be there to teach and encourage your swimmer. They have years of knowledge between them that they are eager to share. Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts and concerns this season.

Thank you,

Kayla Alvarado, CST president



President:                            Kayla Alvarado              [email protected]

                                                                                        [email protected]

Vice President &                                                         

Special meets/Apparel:   Veronnica Caniezo        [email protected] 

Secretary:                            Nicole Ruiz                     [email protected]

Treasurer:                           Open                                [email protected]  

Computer Contact:           Veronnica Caniezo        [email protected]

Members At Large

Snack Bar:                          Sabrina Sheats            [email protected]

League Rep:                       Callie Bremer               [email protected]

Coaching Staff

    Alisa Airoldi                   (510)260-4281             [email protected]           

    Dominic Alvarado                                                [email protected]


 Crockett Pool                     (510)787-2567


The Crockett Swim Team owes a debt of gratitude to the Crockett Recreation Department.  It is important to remember that the CRD is made up of community volunteers who work hard to ensure that the pool facilities are well maintained for all of the people who use them.  Let us all  show our appreciation by obeying pool rules and doing everything we can to keep the facilities neat and clean.

*   *   *   *  
A very special thanks is owed to the Crockett Community Foundation for their support of the Crockett Swim Team.  Their matching-funds program alone generously contributes up to $1000 to our fundraisers.  In recent years, the foundation provided our team with a grant to purchase our new Colorado Timing System, build a new shed and purchase new laptops to run our meets.  All these items were badly needed and were not inexpensive.  Needless to say, the foundation has played a large role in the success of our swim team.

*   *   *   *  
We also want to give our thanks to TeamUnify.  TeamUnify has set us up with a new way of doing business.  Thanks to them we are able to sign our kids up for meets, pick and keep track of our jobs, and see our swimmers’ results all on line.  

 *   *   *   *  
Section 1: Information

2023 Prices:
1st swimmer is $400
2nd swimmer is $360
Each additional swimmer $320

PLUS $20 League Fee per swimmer &  $100 in Raffle Tickets per Family

$25 late registration begins after April 30th


The fee does not include public swimming.  For further information, please contact a member of the Crockett Swim Team board.  All fees are due when you register your child.  Because of insurance regulations, all registration forms must be completed before the swimmer enters the water.

Refund Policy
Refunds are generally not a practice.  Depending upon circumstance, requests will be resolved by the board.  Refund requests must be in writing and will not be accepted after May 31.

Dates To Remember:
- No refunds are given after May 31st. All refunds are subject to board approval.



Work Obligations and Money Matters



Parent participation is mandatory at all dual meets, time trails, and League Finals. If this obligation is not fulfilled it puts an unnecessary burden on the other families.  There will be a $100 fee to any family that does not meet the parent work obligations during the 2023 season. Depending on the circumstances, a child may also be prohibited from swimming in meets or receiving awards if penalties or any other outstanding fees are left unpaid.  Please read more about this on page 6 & 7.

This does not include invitational meets or league finals.  Parents of all swimmers attending these meets are required to work at invitational meets and league finals.


Everyone working at a meet is expected to be prompt.  It can’t be stressed enough that your help is seriously needed to make the swim meets a good experience for all concerned.  Please be courteous and arrange for an age appropriate alternate if you cannot work a meet you have signed up for.

The need to raise money continues to be crucial.  Some of the required costs for the team are pool rental, swim-meet supplies, ribbons, trophies, insurance and coaches’ pay. To avoid further registration rate increases we must generate revenue through fundraisers such as the Crockett-ile Raffle and Crockett Condition Circuit.

For the Crockett-ile Raffle we require that each family purchase 20 Raffle Tickets at $5 each. These Raffle Tickets are purchased by the families, and then re-sold if desired. You may purchase more to sell to raise more money. Three drawings will take place for cash prizes. 1st drawing on 5/31/23 is worth $200! 2nd drawing on 6/16/23 is worth $300 and the third and final drawing on 7/15/23 is worth $500!

The Crockett Condition Circuit Fundraiser is a fun event where swimmers get sponsors based on the number of conditioning circuits they think they can complete.  The swimmers complete as many circuits as they can in one hour. Donation letters also go out to local businesses for help.  If you personally know any generous givers, please share their names with our coordinator, or put in a good word for the Crockett Swim Team. We also have an annual Pancake Breakfast that is MANDATORY for all families to sell tickets and attend.

Penny Wars is making its return to the 2023 Season so start saving up those coins. Penny Wars will kick off summer practice the week of 6/12/2023.

The team suit chosen for this season can be ordered directly from the company. More information will be available soon. If you have any questions, please contact Veronnica Caniezo at [email protected]
.  Our team shows pride and spirit when all swimmers wear suits and apparel that represent the team.  It is recommended that swimmers use another suit for practice in order to extend the life of their team suit.  Practice suits must be appropriate training attire.  Girl’s suits must be one piece or official two-piece practice suits; it’s hard to dive when the suit falls off.  Boy’s suits must be jammers or Speedos; it is hard to swim when the pockets fill up with water. 

Our team colors are officially royal blue with white, and matching team suits are black/royal blue.

Swimmers can earn stars to sew on their sweatshirts by making an "A," "B," "Honor" or "County" time.  The color of the star signifies the stroke and level of achievement.  The following is a breakdown of those levels:

                                "B" star                 "A" stars              Honor stars         County stars
Freestyle             Small White        Large White        Small Gold           Large Gold
Breast stroke     Small Red            Large Red            Small Gold           Large Gold
Butterfly              Small Royal         Large Royal         Small Gold           Large Gold
Backstroke          Small Navy          Large Navy          Small Gold           Large Gold
IM                          Small Yellow       Large Yellow       Small Gold           Large Gold

The list of qualifying times will be made available to each swimmer or it can be found on the website under STAR.

Ribbons will be awarded for swimmers placing 1st through 6th place only. Participation ribbons for 8 & under swimmers will be given for each stroke swam where a place ribbon was not earned. Ribbons can be found in your family folder as soon as possible after the meet. (See Section 3: Parents Responsibilities.)

End of Year Awards
Awards will be given out at the end-of-season banquet (generally in September).  Besides participation awards, there is a possibility of up to three separate categories of awards that will be presented to boys and girls of each age group. 

High Point Award
This award will be given to the one boy and girl in each age category with highest points earned over the season, more meets a swimmer participates and places in the higher chances they have to receive this award.

Most Improved Award
This award is based on improvement throughout the season.  The hard working swimmer whose times improved the most from the beginning to the end of the season will receive this award.  The frequency and consistency of improvement will also be a consideration.

Hustle Award
This award is given for hard work, a swimmer who is consistently putting in the effort to improve their technique and time.

Coaches Award

This award is given for hard work, positive attitude, attendance at practice and meets, and setting a good example of team spirit and sportsmanship.  Up to one award per five children within each age/gender group may be awarded.
Awards may be trophies, plaques, medals, and/or rosettes.


Section 2: Guidelines

Communication with families is handled three ways.  Periodically a white board will be placed at the entrance to the pool with reminders of upcoming events.  Every family will have a folder with the family name on it.  Please have your child check the folder regularly as vital information and awards are placed in these folders.  E-mail will also be used to keep families updated.  If you have any changes in your e-mail address or you need to contact the team for any reason, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.  

Parents at Practice
Parents are welcome at practice.  If the need arises to discuss your child’s progress with the coach, please wait until the end of practice to do so.  No sideline coaching please.  Respect the decisions of our coaches and Jr. coaches.  Our coaches are highly trained and our Jr. coaches are handpicked because of their years of experience.  Please keep all children from running at the pool, or getting too near to the pools edge.  It is important that all people, children and adults, follow all pool rules as posted and outlined in the code of conduct.  Use of the baby pool is prohibited.

Missing Practices and Tardiness
Frequent absences from practice may result in your child’s exclusion from the meets, or restrict the events they swim.  If a swimmer is late to practice, the coaches have the right to exclude the swimmer from practice.  It is important for swimmers to have time to stretch before the workouts begin.

No driver under age 18 may transport other swimmers to meets.  If you cannot accompany your swimmer to the meet, please make arrangements for another adult to drive him/her.

Absolutely no running at any pool facility including the grass area.  Please respect all pool rules and the League’s code of conduct.  Keep in mind that you represent CST, and sportsman-like conduct is a must.

The coaches reserve the right to suspend any swimmer from the team for unsportsmanlike behavior.  The suspension may be for a period of up to five days.  Repeated behavior problems will be brought to the attention of the board resulting in possible removal from the team without a refund.

Signing Out for Meets
Our website has the ability to track who will be at all meets.  Parents/swimmers are able to sign the swimmer in or out of a meet.  Please do this no later than 7 days before the meet so that coaches have time to place the swimmers in the meets.  The assignment of events is at the coaches’ discretion.

Eating Before Meets
Please make sure that your child has a light, nutritious meal about an hour before a meet.  The best foods are carbohydrates (pasta, potatoes, cereals, etc.).  Please no donuts or candy before meets.

During the meet
Please respect the decisions coaches make when it comes to the swimmers.  They have been coaching for many years and make decisions about heats and relays based on their experiences.  We have a strong coaching staff and we need to remember that during meets.

After the Meet
Everyone is expected to clean up the team area at "home" and "away" meets.


Section 3:  Parent Responsibilities

The Coaches expect that swimmers will compete in every meet.  Our website has the ability to track who will be at all meets.  Parents/swimmers must sign the swimmer in or out for each meet.  Please do this no later than 7 days before the meet so that coaches have time to place the swimmers in the meets.  The assignment of events is at the coaches’ discretion.

Invitational or special-event swim meets require a 2 week advance notification and fees. These special meets will be advertised in advance. Registration forms for these events will be circulated and the appropriate fees collected. Late registration in these events is not permitted.

Various announcements and notifications will be via e-mail, our website, and/or by newsletter or flyer, which is placed in the family folder and made available during the daily practices.  Please have your child check the folder daily to avoid missing vital communications.

You may contact a board member at any time.  Check for names and e-mails listed at the front of the handbook.




Working the meets
Each swim meet is a cooperative effort operated by parent volunteers.  Help is essential at all meets.  For most job positions, it is possible to watch the meet while you work.  The following is a description of the specific positions.  After the position name, either "both" or "home" will designate whether the position is needed at either away and home meets, or strictly home meets. There is also a number designation, which indicates how many workers are needed for that particular position.  Our website has a place next to each event where parents can sign up and pick which jobs they will work for each meet.  Please do this soon as good positions fill up quickly.

Note: One parent from each family should be prepared to work at every meet their child swims. Parent participation is mandatory at all meets.  If this obligation is not fulfilled, the family will be charged a $100 penalty at the end of the season.  Depending on the circumstances, a child may be prohibited from swimming in the next meet if fees aren’t paid. Furthermore, a trophy will not be awarded to the swimmer if penalty fees are left unpaid.  The board apologizes for having to impose this rule, but your help is vital to the success of the meets.  Lack of parent workers can turn the swim team experience sour for those who have to pull extra duties.  If everyone does their share, each parent should be able to enjoy an occasional meet free from work duties.


Job Descriptions

Head/Backup Timer:      Home   1
The Head Timer stays on deck near the Starter and next to the line of Lane Timers.  The Head Timer will maintain two additional stop watches for each race in case one of the Lane Timers doesn’t get an accurate time. When the need arises for a backup time, the specific Lane Timer will call out "Timer", whereby, the Head Timer will proceed to the lane in need and either trade watches or get a finish time and report it to the Lane Recorder.
Lane Timer:        Both        9
The Lane Timer will use one stopwatch to time each race accurately from start to finish, when the swimmer correctly touches the wall.
Recorder:            Both        3
The Recorder sits behind the Lane Timers and records the swimmers’ appropriate statistics as they line up for their upcoming event The Recorder must make sure to get the swimmer’s name, age, event, lane, heat #, team, and the finish times from each of the three Lane Timers.
Ribbon Writer:        Both        1-2
The Ribbon Writers transfer the statistical information from the Recorders’ individual sheets and prepares the appropriate ribbon based on the finish time for each event per heat.
Shepherd:            Both        1 per age/gender per relay group
The Shepherds chaperon 6 & under boys or girls, or 7-8 boys or girls. They need to know where their swimmers are at all times and direct them to each of their individual and relay events. Remember, their parents are working other positions and are unable to get them to the blocks.
Stroke & Turn Judge:     Both        1-2, based on availability
The Stroke & Turn Judge determines any swimming disqualifications. The person performing this duty must complete training with a qualified instructor.
Note:  Stroke and Turn clinic is scheduled TBD for all interested parents who wish to participate as a Stroke and Turn Judge, a Referee, or Starter. Please contact a board member if you are interested in this clinic.
Relief/Alternate:        Both        1 - 3, Away - Home
The Relief/Alternate provides relief for breaks or fills in for absences. At home meets, these people assists in the hosting duties.
Starter:            Home        1
The Starter begins each race using the starting-time system with a bullhorn, whistle, or microphone and speaker system. Basically, the Starter performs as a sort of master of Ceremonies, announcing each race. The person performing this position should be familiar with race protocol and have completed training by a qualified instructor.
Set Up/Clean Up:        Home        as many parents as possible
The Set Up and Clean Up committee also includes any board members participating in the meet. The Set Up people are at the pool at least one-and-a-half hours prior to meet start time. The many jobs include removal of the pool cover, connection of lane ropes, the setup of flags, lane timer/recorder chairs, sunshades, the starting and speaker system, scoring and ribbon writers tables, and the Welcome Board.  The bathrooms should also be checked for cleanliness.  Clean Up people put things away and returns the pool area to its original condition. Again, special attention should be given to the restrooms.  All parents should participate in clean-up.

Runner:            Home        1
The runner transports the recorder’s statistics to the scoring table.
Snack Bar Crew:        Home        3
The Snack Bar Crew sets up one hour prior to meets, arranging the refreshments for sale, posting the menu/price list, setting up the cash box, preparing any food/drinks ahead of time (i.e., coffee, lemonade, nacho cheese, chili, soup, etc.)  The sales crew will be two people inside the snack bar and one Snack Bar Maintenance person who will maintain the prepared food/drinks and the condiment table for the Chef area.  This person also does the running for backup supplies in the swim-team shed and plays Hostess to working parents in other positions.  After the meet, the crew cleans up the snack bar and returns it to its original condition.
BBQ Chef:            Home            1 / 2
The chef is the barbecue or cook who prepares meals for patrons during swim meets. The chef sets up the work station one hour prior to meet time by unloading all necessary equipment from the swim team shed and returning it at the end of the meet.

Note: Everyone working at a meet is expected to be prompt.  It can’t be stressed enough that your help is seriously needed to make the swim meets a good experience for all concerned. Please be courteous and arrange for an age appropriate alternate if you cannot work a meet you have signed up for.


Section 4:    Swimmer Responsibilities

Arrive Early For Meets
A swimmer needs to arrive one hour early to warm up for Home meets, 45 minutes early for Away meets. Warm-ups are vital to a swimmer’s performance.

Clothing, Etc.
• Suits, preferably team suits
• Sweats
• Goggles and caps
• Sunscreen and shade are advisable at day-long meets

Label personal items
Please label all of your items so they can be returned to you if they are lost.  A lost-and-found box is kept throughout the season.  Please check the box on a regular basis as things seem to pile up as the season progresses.

Schedule of events
The schedule of events for each meet will be determined by coaches and posted in the team area at meets.  Swimmers must consult with their coach prior to the meet if they have special requests.

Event Starts
The swimmer is responsible for getting to the starting blocks on time.  Swimmers should stay behind the Recorder’s chair while waiting for their race.

Section 5: Workout Objectives

The following is a list of what your swimmer can expect to work toward while on the swim team.

Ages 6 and Under
• Introduce proper drills for all strokes.
• Teach the basics of proper strokes.
• Learn streamlines.
• Develop breath control in freestyle and butterfly.

Note: Parents please be aware that "swim team" does not mean "swim lessons." Swimmers 4 years of age by 6/15/23 will be the youngest allowed to swim in dual league meets. Parents have complained in the past that young non-swimmers don’t get enough one-on-one attention from the coaches.  Teen volunteers often help with the 6 and under non-swimming members who in time learn to maneuver their way up and down the lanes of the pool and eventually become swimmers themselves. CST now offers swim lessons beginning 6/12/2023.

Ages 7-8
• Develop proper, efficient technique in all strokes.
• Develop streamlines.
• Develop breath control in freestyle and butterfly.
• Develop aggressive kick.

Ages 9-10
• Develop proper, efficient technique in all strokes and try to break bad habits.
• Learn how to swim a proper 50-yard race including disciplined breathing patterns in freestyle and butterfly.
• Introduce and develop proper technique for all turns.

Ages 11-12
• Develop proper, efficient technique in all strokes, and try to break old habits.
• Strengthen kick in all strokes.
• Develop a disciplined breathing pattern in freestyle and butterfly.
• Introduce and develop proper technique for all turns.

Ages 13 and over
• Introduce more intense, disciplined training.
• Perfect turns.
• Perfect strokes.
• Perfect kicks
• Development of strokes




Pool Rules

1.  Children 8 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.
2.  The Recreation Department will not be held responsible for lost or stolen property.
3.  Swimmers should use showers before entering the pool.
4.  Anyone afflicted with an infection, severe cold or wearing bandages shall not be allowed in the pool.
5.  People in street clothes shall not be allowed on the deck unless authorized.
6.  Any refreshments or edibles will be allowed in designated eating areas only.
7.  No sunflower seeds or gum are allowed in the pool area.
8.  Absolutely no smoking.
9.  No artificial swimming devices allowed in the pool unless authorized by the lifeguard.
10.  People will refrain from rough and boisterous play.  No running in pool area, including the grass.
11.  Only authorized personnel will be allowed in filter room or behind the counter in the lobby.

Anyone violating the above rules or whose conduct is jeopardizing the safety or pleasure of others will be suspended from the pool.