When:  Saturdays and Sundays only,  September 12 – October 11, 2020

             3:00pm – 4:00pm


Where:  Campolindo Pool


Who:     LMYA Swim Team Members will have priority, then open to swimmers on a first come, first served basis; 

              Offered to swimmers age 6 – 18 yrs.  MUST BE ABLE TO SWIM UNASSISTED;

Cost:     $195 for 5 weeks


Fall Swim camps will focus on stroke technique, starts and turns, dives, and IM and relay starts and transitions. 


We will run 5 camps at one time across Campolindo’s  pools.  We will have 4 camps in the competition pool, and 1 camp in the lap pool (maximum depth 5ft).  Camps in the competition pool will begin on alternating sides of the pool, 3 swimmers/lane, 4 lanes per camp.  There will be empty lanes between each camp.  Camps in the lap pool will be structured similarly, however, there will only be 1 camp using the lap pool at any one time.  The camps will run in accordance with the school district’s guidelines, which are in accordance with the county guidelines and will be organized as follows:

  • Each camp will have a designated area outside the pool gate for drop off;  each camp’s drop off area will be appropriately distanced from all other camps (this is where you will leave your child – everyone is required to wear a mask)
  • No parents are allowed on the pool deck
  • Each camp coach will then lead his/her campers onto the pool deck to their designated area (each camp socially distanced from all other camps)
  • Each camp will have 4 lanes;  each lane will have 3 campers;  There will be empty lanes between each camp.
  • Every camper MUST be able to swim across the pool (25 yrds) unassisted;  we cannot and will not have coaches in the water with the swimmers
  • Each camp will have a designated area where its campers will leave towels, equipment, etc.
  • Each camp will go to the same drop off area, designated area on the pool deck, etc. every day.
  • If any camper/swimmer is unable to swim across the pool unassisted, exhibits any signs of illness, and/or is deemed not to be following pool rules and/or any of the required safety guidelines, we will remove the camper from our camp