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2018 County Qualifying Times

2018 County Meet Format

On Friday August 10, 2018 (approximately 4:00 – 7:00pm) the order of events will be:

Medley Relay Trials

Free Relay Trials

On Saturday August 11, 2018 the order of events will be:

Freestyle Trials

Breaststroke Trials

11 & Up Individual Medley Timed Final

Lunch Break

Freestyle Finals (Consolation and Championship Final heats)

Breaststroke Finals (Consolation and Championship Final heats)

Medley Relay Finals (1 heat of Championship Finals.  Top 20 relays will still score points, but only top 10 will swim in the Finals session)


On Sunday August 12, 2018 the order of events will be:

Backstroke Trials

Butterfly Trials

10 & under Individual Medley Timed Final

Lunch Break

Backstroke Finals (Consolation and Championship Final heats)

Butterfly Finals (Consolation and Championship Final heats)

Free Relay Finals (1 heat of Championship Finals.  Top 20 relays will still score points, but only top 10 will swim in the Finals session)

2018 County Meet Eligibility Rules

2018 Contra Costa County

Swim Championship Meet


The Contra Costa County Championship Swim Meet is intended to provide top recreational swimmers with a venue to compete against each other. The spirit and intent of the County Meet is and always has been founded on the principles of celebrating the successes of summer, seasonal, recreational swimmers – those that swim with their teams from April through August. 

Recreational swimmers are NOT year-round swimmers and do not participate in programs that operate on a year-round basis.  Swimmers who want to pursue a more serious swimming career are encouraged to join a year-round team in the area.

Programs offering year-round swimming options, especially between December 1, 2017 and April 9, 2018 (even if they are voluntary) may bring the entire program, including their participants, under scrutiny and eligibility review.

Alignment with the County Meet spirit, intent and eligibility rules is completely voluntary by any team, but is required in order to participate.

The official eligibility rules and qualifying times are posted on the County Meet page each year. 

Any questions about eligibility of swimmers or programs can be directed to [email protected]


  • For recreational swimmers to swim in the County Championship Swim Meet, they must be members of one of the invited recreational teams.  They must have swum with this team only for the course of the season and must have participated in at least three meets with them during the summer. If a swimmer moves their residence during the summer, they may swim with another team in their local vicinity with written approval in advance.
  • There is no complimentary, exhibition, or unattached swimming at the County Meet.

OFF-SEASON GUIDELINES: December 1, 2017 – April 9, 2018

  • Recreational swim teams may not begin training earlier than the second Monday in April. - APRIL 9, 2018.
  • Recreational swimmers are expected to take a break during the off-season (December 1, 2017 – April 9, 2018) from all organized swimming activities for a continuous period of least 4 weeks.
  • Swimmers’ participation in organized swimming lessons/clinics may not exceed 15 hours in total or 45 minutes for any given session during the off-season (whether in or out of the water)
  • Programs may not offer more than 15 hours of lessons/clinics through the team, by team coaches or at team facilities (whether in or out of the water). 
  • Private, one-on-one lessons provided by individual coaches do not count toward a programs’ 15 hour limit, but DO count toward individual swimmers’ maximum of 15 hours during the off-season.
  • The focus and intent of all off-season lessons/clinics should be on technical stroke improvement/instruction and not on aerobic training/conditioning.
  • Programs and coaches who provide swimmers with written workouts with the expectation that the swimmers complete those workouts will jeopardize eligibility.
  • Participating in water polo or synchronized swimming programs where the primary focus of the work is swim conditioning will jeopardize eligibility.  It is understood that being in the water for either of these activities involves some swimming, however there is a clear line between water polo/synchronized swimming drills/games/competitions and straight swim training.
  • Programs, coaches and swimmers/swimmers’ families are expected to track specific attendance in any off-season lessons/clinics (dates, times, locations, coaches).
  • Swimmers (other than high school and college swimmers) may not compete as members of a year-round swim team or train with a year-round swim team after December 1, 2017. These swimmers MAY NOT compete in any USA sanctioned swim meets after December 1, 2017 and until August 13, 2018.
  • High school and college swimmers who are members of their scholastic teams may continue to train with a year-round swim team until February 12th. High School and college swimmers may not swim in USA meets after December 1, 2017 until August 13, 2018.
  • Any protest of a swimmer’s eligibility to participate in the County Meet must be submitted in writing and signed by the head coach to the LMYA Contra Costa County Championship Swim Meet Committee to [email protected]


  • All programs seeking an invitation to the County Meet must publicly publish schedules of all off-season lessons/clinics offered to team members, organized by the team, provided by the team coaches or held at the team facility and/or submit this information to the County Meet Committee prior to the beginning of the recreational season each year.


  • Swimmers enter the meet according to their age on June 15, 2018 including 18 year old swimmers. Swimmers may not be any older than 18 as of June 15, 2018.
  • Entrants may NOT swim up an age group and must enter the same age group in all events, including relays.


  • Individual swimmers must meet the minimum qualifying times as posted on the website on the County Meet page. Qualifying times change from year to year. A participant’s qualifying time must have been from a recorded result in a recreational meet held during the summer. Team time trials and intra-squad meet times are not acceptable.


  • LMYA and the County Meet Committee will not position themselves as detectives or policing agents. The Committee relies on all participating teams to self-regulate and cross-check with the spirit, intent and rules of the County Meet and transparently make their program information publicly available.  The County Meet Committee is comprised of the current and past LMYA Board Members, County Meet Directors, and Meet Officials and is responsible for upholding the integrity of the County Meet by ruling on eligibility of swimmers and programs. Protests must be submitted in writing. Protests will be handled individually, and it is the responsibility of the protesting agent to collect facts regarding the violation. Parents, coaches, programs and/or swimmers are advised to email [email protected] with any questions.
  • Actions by programs, coaches or individual swimmers that conflict with the spirit, intent and/or eligibility rules of the County Meet may jeopardize the eligibility of a program or individual for all or part of their participation in the County Meet.


  • We understand that some swimmers have been led to believe that they can participate in year-round swim team programs and/or clinics and still participate in the County Meet. We understand that some young people are being misled in this way. The rules have not changed, and we hope that coaches, directors, and parents will help their swimmers to decide which program they wish to participate in and to remind them that they cannot do both and still participate in the County Meet.

Download 2018 Eligibility Rules