LMYA Parent Job Descriptions


The LMYA Dolphins Swim Team operates entirely on “Parent Power” with the exception of our top-notch coaching staff.  The team can only function with the dedicated commitment and support of ALL our team parents.  Parent jobs are a required part of the swim team commitment.  Buyouts are available for some or all job commitments.  The general expectations, duties and credit for each job are outlined below, however, there may be other tasks that need to get done in order to support the team.  Please be flexible!


There are three tiers of jobs: Board Positions, Committee / County Roles and Individual Jobs. 

  • Board Positions: key leadership roles for the team and may require a significant time commitment.  These roles fulfill the entire season job requirements.   

  • Coordinator Roles:  depending on time commitment, various credit levels are assigned for these jobs as outlined in each description.

  • County Roles:  similar to committee roles, various credit levels are assigned to these jobs based on expected time commitment.

  • Individual Team Jobs: these jobs are typically limited to a single meet or event and typically require a 4-5 hour commitment (plus or minus depending on the job responsibility and the specific event). 

Board Positions

Team Director / Asst Team Director | Meet Operations Directors (3) | Marketing & Membership | Treasurer | Parent Job Coordinator | Lafayette Swim Conf Rep | County Meet Director


Team Director/Assistant Team Director

  • Oversee all swim team operations including board meetings and team committees

  • Recruit, schedule, coordinate all team personnel: extend employment offers, set salaries, establish job responsibilities and expectations, provide feedback

  • Establish and manage team budget:  oversee team finances, coordinate with treasurers

  • Set meet and practice schedules

  • Establish and manage team policies and processes

  • Secure season facilities use and ensure adherence to usage agreements

  • Direct team communications, marketing and online presence

  • Attend LMYA Sports Board Meetings as voting member

  • Time commitment:  10 hrs/week

  • Credit:  9+ meet jobs.  No need to sign up for any additional meet jobs

Meet Operations Directors (3)

  • Coordinate all meet operations for assigned meets by working with each team leader (S&T, Desk, Entries, Parent Jobs, Shepherd, Set up/Take Down, Snack Shack)

  • Communicate and coordinate meet details with team and host/visiting team (date, time, location, number of workers, meet entry deadlines)

  • Ensure all jobs are filled and confirmed by coordinating with Parent Jobs Coordinator

  • Attend assigned meets and act as overall LMYA contact.  For home meets, ensure all jobs are properly executed:  set up, desk, shepherds, head timer

  • Ensure meet entry files have been posted, emailed, coordinated and communicated by coordinating with desk team

  • Ensure snack shack preparations have been made for home meets (inventory, purchases, food prep, menu, etc) by coordinating with concessions manager.

  • Ensure head shepherds have received shepherd reports from desk team

  • Ensure lane slips have been printed and are brought to meet

  • Ensure meet information is communicated to team: meet entry deadlines, meet sheet information, results posted by coordinating with website/communications coordinator

  • Enlist help of assistant meet director to check in workers, help with meet preparations (i.e. lane slip printing for home meets), set up team areas at away meets, deliver meet packets for away meets and pick up coaches’ packets from other team, work with desk for any last minute entries/scratches)

  • Report any issues to key personnel (i.e worker no-shows)

  • Time commitment:  5-6 meets (combination of invitational, home and away meets) – 1-2 hrs prep/communication for each meet, plus attending assigned meets to ensure smooth operations as outlined above

  • Credit:  9+ meet jobs.  No need to sign up for any additional meet jobs.

Marketing & Membership

  • New family liaison, communication and on-boarding

  • Work with Board to set goals for team membership

  • Recruit new and returning members and coordinating registration

  • Coordinate publicity, website updates and team communication & branding

  • Act as new family liaison – membership inquiries, general team information, on-boarding/registration

  • Coordinate team marketing events: meet & greet, registration night, parent meeting night

  • Establish family folders for communications and awards distribution

  • Time commitment:  approximately 36 hours in planning, recruiting, developing marketing materials and fielding membership and registration inquiries

  • Credit: 8 meet jobs.  Sign up for this job and 1 County Meet Job.


  • Establish and maintain swim team budget, maintain county budget as well, but accounted separately from team

  • Establish, support and reconcile online payment processing

  • Manage, track and reconcile swim team receipts and disbursements

  • Categorize receipts and disbursements and report monthly against budget.

  • Manage cash box and receipts according to LMYA cash management policies

  • Follow up on outstanding receivables from families (meet entry fees, apparel, RSVP events, etc.)

  • Reconcile bank account with team records monthly

  • Review invoices, obtain proper approvals, ensure payment

  • Includes County Meet Accounting

  • Time commitment: 4 hours prior to season start for budget, 2-3 hours/week during season, 4-5 hours for county.

  • Credit: 9 meet jobs.  No need to sign up for any additional meet jobs since this includes County Meet Accounting. 

Parent Job Coordinator

  • Inventory and understand all team parent job requirements for the swim season: away meets, home meets, invitational meets and committee jobs. 

  • Load job requirements into Team Unify with appropriate credit values

  • Ensure all families have signed up for job requirements

  • Assist families with understanding job requirements

  • Confirm each events’ workers prior to the meet (send email and ensure a confirmation is received)

  • Monitor upcoming event staffing and communicate any staffing needs to meet directors prior to each meet

  • Establish and maintain list of qualified substitute workers

  • Direct parents in process for finding substitute

  • Time commitment: 10 hours for set up & registration, 2- 4 hrs/week during season

  • Credit:  9 meet jobs.  No need to sign up for additional meet jobs

Lafayette Swim Conf. Rep

  • Represent LMYA swim team on Lafayette Swim Conference Board and Meet Committee

  • Attend LSC board meetings (LMYA has a rotating board position.  2013 is treasurer)

  • Coordinate LMYA involvement/job responsibilities (rotating) in conference meet, act as team meet director for conference meet.

  • Communicate LMYA job requirements (timers, stroke & turn, marshals, clerk of the course) to Parent Jobs Coordinator

  • Time commitment: 20 hrs of planning meetings, full weekend of Conference meet running LMYA’s job assignment. (Awards in 2013)

  • Credit: 8 meet jobs.  Sign up for this job and 1 County Meet Job.

County Meet Director

  • Run all aspects of County Championship meet, LMYA’s fundraiser

  • See description below under County Roles

Coordinator Roles

Website-Communications | Swimmer Achievement Coordinator | Team Social Coordinator | Team Spirit Coordinator | Swim Team Apparel Coordinator | Team Fundraising | Guppy Program Coordinator | Desk Team Director | Meet Entry Manager | Head Stroke & Turn | Head Shepherd | Head Timer | Facilities Coordinator | Concessions Manager | Starter / Announcer



  • Help with conversion from current platform to Team Unify (provide input on structure by reviewing other sites; collect content from appropriate individuals

  • Maintain website content:  post events, announcements

  • Send team emails and announcements including directors’ notes, coaches’ corners, meet sheets

  • Ensure timely updates, emails and announcements – at least once or twice/week with event details, sign up deadlines, announcements and results posting

  • Time commitment: 6-8 hours pre-season, 2-4 hours/week during season

  • Credit:  7 meet jobs.  Sign up for this job, 1 Conference Meet Job and 1 County Meet Job

Swimmer Achievement Coordinator

  • Run all aspects of helping our swimmers celebrate their summer swim team achievements – specifically pop time awards and stars for achieving time standards

  • Track pop times and stars standards by swimmer each week.  Get results files from desk team, run reports to determine which swimmers have earned pops or stars. 

  • Stamp shirts weekly at practice during summer session: (e.g.:  6/12, 6/19, 6/26, 7/10, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31) – possibly 2-3 times during night practice

  • Distribute stars to family folders weekly for swimmers achieving time standards

  • Order and help organize end of year team awards (including pop time awards, trophies, certificates and special awards.)

  • Time commitment:  7 dates, 2 hrs/ date, plus time each week to calculate pop times and stars (and distribute star)

  • Credit: 7 meet jobs.  Sign up for this job, 1 Conference Job and 1 County Job

Team Social Coordinator

  • Establish calendar of team social activities – goal is to build team unity

  • Coordinate all team social activities:  parent social (solicit parent home to host, coordinate invite and contributions), team bowling (coordinate with bowling alley, coordinate invite), PASTA feed (coordinate location, potluck sign-ups, activity sign-ups and invites), away meet snack/refreshment table, age group outings and end of the season banquet.  Could combine with fundraising to have a team dine-out night at a local restaurant

  • Individual social jobs can be posted for help/support with each major event

  • Time commitment:  Season planning approximately 6 hours.  Directing regular season events: 4- 5 events @ 4-5 hrs each, plus planning venue for end of season banquet.

  • Credit: 7 meet jobs.  Sign up for this job, 1 Conference Job and 1 County Job

Team Spirit Coordinator

  • Establish a team spirit plan with theme days, decorations, costumes, spirit wear, cheers, props, craft activities like poster decorations, etc

  • Coordinate all team spirit activities, theme days, decorations, costumes, etc.

  • Coordinate spirit week:  Tuck-ins, pancake breakfast, coach’s appreciation

  • Individual team jobs can be posted for help/support with each day during spirit week and 1 for every meet.  Expectation is that each job = 4 hours of effort

  • Time commitment: Season planning and directing approximately 6-8 hours, 1-2 hours per meet (18 meets).

  • Credit: 7 meet jobs.  Sign up for this job, 1 Conference Job and 1 County Job

Swim Team Apparel Coordinator

  • Design and select team t-shirts and cap offerings included with registration (color, logo, slogan, sponsors)

  • Design and select spirit wear offerings:  tshirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants or PJ pants, tank tops, parka, towel, visors/hats, backpacks/bags, etc.

  • Design and select coordinating coach’s apparel: polo shirts, tank tops

  • Research vendors, pricing and ordering logistics. Negotiate pricing and timing.

  • Communicate ordering and fitting logistics with team.  Coordinate fitting sessions. 

  • Facilitate orders and order fulfillment with selected vendor (ensure timely delivery to team members)

  • Design and select team suit, facilitate orders and order fulfillment (?)

  • Time commitment: Work with apparel vendor on pricing and offerings, collect spirit wear orders, place team shirt orders, coach apparel orders and spirit wear orders, distribute spirit wear.  Approx 20 hours.

  • Credit: 5 meet jobs.  Sign up for this job, 2 regular meet jobs, 1 Conference and 1 County job.

Team Fundraising

  • Explore and implement team fund raising functions (t-shirt sponsors, banner sponsors, donations for concessions stand, website sponsors, dine-out nights, relationships with gear providers/vendors, etc.)

  • Sell program ads for county meet.  Sales goal (based on past sales) is $6,000.  Email and follow up with previous advertisers,

  • Getting sponsors for tshirts/banners (goal to self-fund thest)

  • Coordinate vendors for County Meet (vendors pay a fee to participate in County).  Coordinate with County Meet director for types of vendors, contact vendors, negotiate participation, set pricing, direct/plan placement of vendors at County meet. 

  • Time commitment:  approx. 40 hours

  • Credit:  9 meet jobs.  Sign up for this job and not necessary to sign up for any additional meet jobs

Guppy Program Coordinator

  • Plan and implements Gutter guppy program publicity through preschools, swim schools, elementary schools, sports programs in conjunction with LMYA swim team marketing/membership coordinator.

  • Communicate with potential guppy families regarding appropriate program placement (team or guppy) and evaluation dates and expectations.  Refer families to appropriate “learn to swim” or lesson programs prior to evaluations if necessary. 

  • Coordinate gutter guppy evaluations, registration and program.  Set date(s) for evaluations, coordinate with coaching staff, communicate with families, track participants and evaluation results, communicate program placement. 

  • Coordinate pre-guppy/private lesson program including coaching needs, participants, expectations

  • Establish a Guppy Buddy Program:  Document buddy program expectations of each participant, assign each guppy a big buddy from the team to help bridge the gap and create a more cohesive sense of team, establish events for guppies & buddies.

  • Be on-deck during evaluations and initial week of Guppy Program to answer guppy parent questions and ensure proper expectations and placement and periodically throughout program to oversee, provide feedback and answer parent questions about moving up to team.

  • Establish feedback loop with Guppy coach, parents and team director to ensure program is meeting expectations. (May include managing program expectations with Guppy parents)

  • Time commitment:  Approx 32 hours prep, communication, organizing and on-deck time

  • Credit: 8 meet jobs.  Sign up for this job and 1 County job

Desk Team Director (preliminary)

  • Coordinate systems aspects of the desk set up, operation and take down during home meets. 

  • Oversee and support the desk team at home meets which includes filling in at the desk during home meets

  • See detailed Desk Operations Guide for specific functions

  • Ensures all desk equipment, sound and timing systems are running properly

  • Time commitment:  Cover desk for all home meets, assist at County Meet

  • Credit:  9 meet jobs (includes County)

Meet Entry Manager (preliminary)

  • Coordinates all meet entries and meet entry electronic files. 

  • Set up all meet entry files to ensure they are transmitted files to and from hosting and/or visiting teams and with invitational meets

  • Work as part of desk team at home meets as needed.

  • See detailed Desk Operations Guide for specific functions

  • Time commitment:  1-2 hours/meet set up.  Assist at desk for home meets and County Meet.

  • Credit: 9 meet jobs (includes County)

Head Stroke & Turn

  • Oversee stroke and turn team, ensure training meets Conference and County standards, schedule stroke and turn coverage for all meets, work S&T rotation

  • Staff stroke & turn team, ensure S&T team receives proper training and coordinate S&T scheduling for meets

  • Confirm stroke and turn staff prior to each meet

  • Time commitment:  Training 2-3 hours, Scheduling 2-3 hours total, remainder should be scheduled meet shifts

  • Credit: 8 meet jobs.  Sign up for this job and 1 shift at County Meet.

Head Shepherd

  • Recruit members of shepherd team.

  • Train shepherd team at time trials (or before)

  • Confirm shepherd staff prior to each meet

  • Print & bring meet sheets/shepherd sheets & supplies to each assigned meet

  • Arrive at meet early to set up shepherd area

  • Lead shepherd team at meets: direct swimmer check-in,

  • Time commitment:  Cover 9 meets (excused from County).  For 2 day invitational meets, this means just getting the shepherd team set up and working 1 shift, not all 4 shifts (am and pm over 2 days)

  • Credit:  9 meet jobs.  No need to sign up for any additional meet jobs.

Head Timer

  • Oversee timers for all home meets: ensure timers are in their seats 15 minutes before meet start for time check

  • Ensure all timers understand timing responsibilities

  • Keep time for all races (using 2 stop watches) as a back up for lane timers

  • Oversee timer teams for all home meets

  • Make sure timers are in their seats 15 minutes before meet start for time check

  • Hand out stop watches & clipboards with lane slips. 

  • Ensure all timers understand timing responsibilities (3 point check – 2 plungers, 1 stopwatch, manual recording of all times)

  • Keep time for all races (using 2 stop watches) as a back up for lane timers

  • Time commitment: Cover all home meets 30 minutes before meet start through end. 

  • Credit: Commensurate with number of meets worked as head timer

Facilities Coordinator

  • Oversee set up and take down at all home meets – ensure team members know where things are stored, how things get set up, how they get taken down and where to store them until the next meet.

  • Move items to/from Acalanes High School storage room to/from storage location at LMYA’s container at Stanley Middle School (usually at the beginning of the season, for Conference Meet and/or County Meet and at the end of the season)

  • Preferably NEED A TRUCK –

  • Time commitment:  HOME MEETS.  Set up crew arrives 60 minutes before meet.   Take down crew stays until all things are put away – usually within 60 minutes of meet end.

  • Credit: 9 meet jobs (duties include County Meet)

Concessions Manager

  • Oversee all concession operations for home meets (setting menu, keeping inventory of supplies, coordinate purchasing of supplies, coordinating prep cooks, delivery of supplies, direct staff on set up and take down of snack shack.)

  • Oversee all snack shack operations for home meets (setting menu, keeping inventory of supplies, coordinate purchasing of supplies, coordinating prep cooks, delivery of supplies, direct staff on set up and take down of snack shack.) Order Pizzas.  Coordinate with treasurer for delivery & pick up of cash box. 

  • Time commitment:  Oversee set up and operation at all home meets (excluding County and Conference)

  • See Snack Shack Operations Guide for details on snack shack operations.

  • Credit: 9 meet jobs


  • Announcer and starter at all home meets.

  • Make welcome announcements, important meet announcements

  • Start each race (announce event, start race) – keep meet running, but ensure swimmers are at blocks ready for race (i.e. call out for missing swimmers or relay teams)

  • Time commitment:  Cover all home meets, approx. 4-5 hours/meet

  • Credit: 9 meet jobs.  Sign up for this job and not necessary to sign up for any other meet jobs.

Individual Team Jobs

Asst Meet Director | Stroke & Turn Officials | Desk / Ribbon Writers | Ribbon Writers | Shepherds | Timers| Set-up / Take-down | Concessions | Social / Spirit Activities | Spirit Week: Tuck-In Coordinator | Spirit Week: Coaches' Appreciation Coordinator | Spirit Week: Pancake Breakfast Coordinator


Asst. Meet Director

  • Assist meet director in meet preparation (pick up programs & lane slips at copy shop prior to meet, set up team area at invitational meets), help with follow up communication

  • Assist meet director at meets (oversee set up, take down, help prepare desk, check in workers, locate/place missing workers)

  • Collect awards from invitational meets and distribute at following Monday’s practice

  • Time commitment:  approx. 4-5 hours

  • Credit: 1 meet job/shift

Stroke & Turn Officials

  • Part of trained team. Review swimmers for legal starts, turns, finishes and stroke technique. Complete & file DQ slips.

  • Time commitment: Shift rotations determined on a per-meet basis

  • Credit: 1 meet job/shift

Desk/Ribbon Writers

  • Part of trained team to work desk at home meets: starter, Colorado timing system, verifier, results, print, attach and file ribbons. (See detailed desk instructions.)

  • Time commitment:

  • Credit:  1 meet job/shift

Ribbon Writers

  • Work at desk affixing award labels to appropriate ribbons.  Shift typically starts approximately 1 hour after meet start. 

  • Ribbon writers for away meets must stay to get ribbons from host team and distribute

  • Ribbon writers for home meets must stay until ribbons from all events are completed and distributed directly into family files.  This may take up to 1 hour after last event.

  • Time commitment:  approx. 4-5 hours

  • Credit:  1 meet job


  • Part of trained team.  Check in 8 & under swimmers at all meets, organize and escort swimmers to blocks including relays

  • See shepherd training document

  • Credit: 1 meet job/shift


  • 3 timers staff each lane to verify swimmer name, start and stop timing using plunger or stopwatch, record time on lane slip

  • Timers must stay until last event of the meet or until session has ended (for invitational meets)

  • Time commitment:  approx.. 4-5 hours

  • Credit: 1 meet job/shift

Set-up/Take down

  • Arrive 1 hour before meets to set up desk, timer and concessions chairs, tables and tents. Set up timing system. 

  • Take down and properly store all equipment at conclusion of meet.  Typically takes about 1 hour after meet has concluded.

  • Time commitment: approx. 2 hours

  • Credit: ½ meet job for each set up and take down


  • Coordinate with concessions manager to set up, prepare, serve, sell concessions during home swim meets.  Clean up, store everything at conclusion of meet.

  • Organized into early shift and late shift.  Early shift arrives early, sets up (start hot water, get drinks on ice, tables, tents, supplies, price lists, etc.) and works through shift end time.  Late shift starts a little later, works snack shack and cleans up at meet conclusion, breaks down snack shack – including dish-washing and returning.

  • See snack shack operations guide.

  • Time commitment:  approx. 4-4.5 hours

  • Credit:  1 meet job

Social/Spirit activities

  • Duties as assigned by social or spirit committee.  Examples include coordinating age group outings

Spirit Week: Tuck in coordinator

  • Coordinate tuck-ins.  Gather requests, map out routes for coaches, coordinate tuck-in gifts

  • Time commitment:  approx. 4 hours

  • Credit:  1 meet job

Spirit Week: Coach’s appreciation coordinator

  • Coordinate coach’s appreciation activities (banners, thank you notes, breakfast, lunch and gift

  • Time commitment: approx. 4 hours

  • Credit:  1 meet job

Spirit Week: Pancake breakfast coordinator

  • Coordinate all donations and workers for pancake breakfast

  • Work at pancake breakfast

  • Time commitment: approx. 4 hours

  • Credit:  1 meet job

County Roles

Director(s) | Program | Concessions | BBQ | Awards | Hospitality | Clerk of the Course



  • Oversee all aspects of the County Meet which is LMYA’s team fundraiser

  • Planning, marketing, entries, apparel, staffing, communication with county teams, program, concessions, awards, desk, meet officials, facilities

  • Time commitment:

  • Credit: 9+ meet jobs.  No need to sign up for any additional meet jobs


  • Organize county meet program content (ads from fundraising representative, meet program from meet director, other content from meet director such as rules, clerk of the course instructions, menu, time standards, etc)

  • Complete layout of county meet program and coordinate printing and delivery of program (may include working with advertisers to help facilitate ad sales)

  • Time commitment:

  • Credit: 


  • Plan menu, estimate quantities, place orders (food, beverages, ice, supplies), set prices (estimate overall concessions budget)

  • Coordinate receipt and storage of delivered food, beverages, etc

  • Manage concessions during county meet

  • Responsible for menu planning, purchasing and overall operation of snack shack for both days of county meet (menu, purchasing, stocking, staffing, operating)

  • Time commitment:  20 hours prep/shopping/set-up, 9 hours each day of County Meet

  • Credit:  9+ meet jobs.  No need to sign up for any additional meet jobs


  • BBQ meat for county meet concessions

  • Time commitment: 6 hours each day of County Meet

  • Credit:  5 meet jobs.  Sign up for this job and 4 additional meet jobs


  • Organize and inventory County Awards

  • Order awards, set up awards tent/table at County Meet

  • Coordinate and oversee awards at County Meet (both days) including ribbons, medals and trophies – ensure proper placement of labels from desk

  • Time commitment: 8 hours inventory, order, set-up, 6 hours each day of County Meet

  • Credit: 5 meet jobs.  Sign up for this job and 4 additional meet jobs


  • Staff and supply official’s lounge during County Meet – breakfast, snacks, lunch and beverages available to County Meet Officials

  • Organize and run hospitality suite for County Meet.  Officials breakfast and lunch as well as refreshments for all county meet workers

  • Time commitment: 8 hours prep/shopping, 8 hours each day of County Meet

  • Credit:  6 meet jobs.  Sign up for this job and 3 additional meet jobs

Clerk of the Course

  • Set up and manage clerk of the course at County meet 

  • Ensure swimmers are lined up/seated prior to races

  • Check in swimmers for races

  • (See separate Clerk of the Course instructions for additional details)

  • Time commitment: 2 hours prep/set up, 8 hours each day of County Meet

  • Credit: 5 meet jobs.  Sign up for this job and 4 additional meet jobs