Parent Job Requirements

The LMYA Dolphins Swim Team runs entirely on "Parent Power".  Our dedicated parent workers make it possible to run meets, feed the swimmers and coaches, and allow swimmers to experience the thrill of competitive swimming.  There are three ways to fulfill the parent job requirements outlined below (1) sign up for individual meet jobs; (2) sign up for a coordinator or behind-the-scenes role; (3) buy out of the work commitment (VERY limited availability). 


Meet job signups and available buy-outs will be posted by mid April based on registrations. In order to complete the registration process and allow your swimmers to participate in practices and meets, all families must sign up online for their work commitments by Friday, May 8, 2020. Sign-ups will open on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 at 10:00am.    

Job descriptions for meet jobs and coordinator roles are posted on the Parent Job Descriptions page under Parent Jobs.  If you are interested in a coordinator role, email

Families with only 15-18 year old swimmers are asked to help in any way possible in advance of and during the County swim meet, howvere, for the 2020 season there is no job requirement for families of only high school swimmers.  Families with only Gutter Guppies do not have a job commitment unless their swimmer moves up to the swim team.   Thank you in advance for helping us make swim team a a great experience for our kids!

Workers are expected to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance of meet start times and must immediately check in and check out with the Meet Director. (Some jobs require earlier start times - check the meet worker schedules for specifics).

Parent Job Requirements - Meet Jobs

Each family is required to contribute to the operation and success of the team.  Parent volunteer job sign-ups will be conducted online. The number of required jobs are dependent on the number of registered families.  For the 2020 season, the job requirements are as follows:

  • Option 1:  TBD job shifts total (typically 10)
    • TBD regular season swim meet jobs (typically 7-8)

    • 1 Conference Meet (July 18-19, 2020) job 

    • 2 County Meet (July 31 - August2, 2020) jobs   

A NOTE ABOUT COUNTY MEET: The LMYA Dolphins have been the proud host of the Contra Costa County Swim Meet for over 55 years (2020 will be our 60th year!).  It is our team’s sole fundraiser and serves to offset the cost of using the Acalanes High School pool for the season.  Every participant in our program, regardless of individual qualification for the meet, benefits from this fundraiser as it offsets the cost per participant to run our program by at least $200 - $225 per swimmer.  For that reason, we require all families (other than high school swimmers) to either work or, if available, buy out of the county meet work obligation regardless of individual swimmers’ qualification.



Parent Job Requirements - Coordinator/Leadership Jobs

Any family acting as a Committee Chairperson is required to contribute as follows: (unless otherwise noted in the Parent Job Descriptions which indicates specific credits for each type of job)

  • 1 Chairperson job (Meet Director, Team Treasurer, etc)

  • 1 Conference Meet Job (unless otherwise noted)

  • 2 County Meet job (unless otherwise noted)

Job Requirement Buy Out Option (limited availability)

Families may choose a regular season buy-out for $650, which includes all regular season and conference jobs, but excludes the County Meet jobs.  Buy-out for the County Meet job is an additional $400.   BUYOUT AVAILABILITY WILL BE LIMITED based on registration.  At registration, you can opt to get on a waitlist to request a buyout by emailing with your buyout request.  We will notify you by April 28th if you are able to buyout.



Parent Job Substitutes

If you cannot honor your work obligation, you MUST provide a substitute from our approved list of team subs. Plan ahead and hire your subs early - don't wait until the last minute. Meet jobs that qualify for substitution include: Hospitality, Runner, Ribbon Writer/Labeler at the desk, Timer (for most meets except Conference), and Snack Bar. Substitutes are limited to 2 jobs for the season. Many jobs cannot be filled with substitutes.  Substitutes for County Meet can ONLY be assigned by the LMYA Parent Job Coordinator.  If you need a substitute for County Meet shifts, please purchase a County buyout for $400 (if available).

We have a limited number of approved LMYA substitute workers who can work specific types of jobs.


It is your responsibility to find a substitute, not the parent work coordinator. Once you have secured a substitute, please contact with confirmation of substitute's name, email address and phone number.


If you are interested in becoming a substitute worker, please contact


FINES - Failure to fulfill a parent job commitment or provide an authorized substitute will result in a monetary fine ($100 per regular meet shift, $400 for County) and may result in your child(ren)'s suspension from practice and future swim meets.  To avoid these fines, please ensure you check in and out for every shift with the LMYA Meet Director.