Dolfins leave LSC

Kate Bechtel
Nov 6, 2018

There have been a lot of changes happening with Rec swimming this year and we have made decisions with the best interest of our swimmers in mind.  The Board made a unanimous decision to leave the Lafayette Swim Conference.  It had been an ongoing discussion with the Board for many years because it didn’t feel like the right fit for the majority of our swimmers and parents.  We want the whole team to benefit from a full season, so we will be going back to the Concord City meet for our final meet of the regular season.  There will now only be one week of practice for County qualifying swimmers instead of two weeks.  The Concord City meet is a very fun spirited meet with competition for swimmers at all levels.  We will be looking into options to join another league or create a new league that will be a better fit for our team in the future.  We are excited about our full met schedule for the upcoming season with a lot of home meets!