June 3rd Weekly Team Email

Amy Ross
Jun 3, 2019

Happy Monday Dolfins!


Oakhurst @ PHD (June 8th)....deadline to commit is JUNE 5th

PHD @ MCST (June 12).....deadline to commit is JUNE 9th

Battle of the Ages (June 22-23)....deadline to commit is June 9th 

Stay tuned for official meet results from both the PHA 9/Under meet and Time Trials. There were some glitches with the timing plungers at Time Trials so I'll need to do some manual entering of official times. We'll get those out to everyone by tomorrow!


Hello Dolfin Families!

WOW! What a great weekend of swimming! It's definitely starting to feel a lot like summer! I can't wait to transition to our morning practice schedule on June 10.  After 8 weeks of practice, it was awesome to finally see the kids racing and I was very impressed with all that they have learned. First races can be very stressful but after a bit of nervousness, they all made it through with smiles on their faces. I know it is a bit stressful for new families the first year so please don't be afraid to ask questions. Everyone is happy to help.

Popped Times

Now that we have our starting times for the season, we want swimmers to start tracking to see if they improve. This is called popping a time. During the summer we will have a popped time board on the pool deck with stickers for popped times. Swimmers earn Otter Pops from the coaches on Fridays after practice for popped times. I often hear swimmers and parents ask what place did they get after a race. Being competitive is awesome but checking your times is the best way to track your progress.


Having good sportsmanship is a very important part of all sports. Swimming has certain etiquette that we follow. All swimmers stay in the water until the last swimmer in the heat finishes. It is always good to congratulate and shake hands with the swimmers in the lanes next to you or at least say "good race". It is heartwarming to see the kids encourage each other before races and celebrate with them after a good race. These kids are forming friendships that will last a lifetime. Being a positive teammate is encouraged everyday at practice. It is also important to learn how to be disappointed with dignity. Learn what you can from a disappointing race and move on. For me teaching swimming is only part of swim team. There are so many life skills to add in along the way.

Meet Entries
We have a lot of meets coming up and I don't want you to miss out so please go in and sign up for them now. For Wednesday night meets, each swimmer swims 2 events and for Saturday meets they are allowed to swim 3 events. Coaches have the final decision on what events they swim. If your swimmer has a preference it is OK to pick those events but just know that they may end up changing. 

See you on the Pool Deck!

Coach Talli


text 925-216-7932


Please remember when parking at the pool for both practices and meets that we cannot park behind the pool in the Adult Ed area and also there will be many summer activities such at tennis matches etc so be on the lookout for signs indicating reserved parking.


For those still looking for regular meet jobs there are several open shifts at the Oakhurst meet on 6/8.

"Calling all Dolfins! Join us at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Concord on Monday, June 24 for a super fun day of splashing around with your fellow swimmers! Park opens at 10:30 a.m. and we will set up an area for our team to gather.

Deadline to order tickets is Friday, June 14. Tickets are $37.07 each. There is also discounted parking available for $20 vs. the usual $30. To order tickets, place either a check (made payable to PHD) or cash in an envelope with your family's name and number of tickets written on the outside and drop off either in the Cloward Family file folder (preferred) or at the District Office. The discounted parking voucher will be sent the week of June 17.
Questions? Reach out to Laurie Korn, Social Coordinator at (925) 818-1175 or rtwgirl@gmail.com.
Hope you can join us for this wild and wet event!"
Look for an email from Katrina on Wednesday with lot's of info pertaining directly to Battle of the Ages