Amy Ross

Happy Tuesday Dolfins!

We hope your swimmers had a fabulous 1st week back in the pool!  Here are some updates and a Note from Coach Talli as we get into week 2!!!

Tuesday, 4/20 – Suit Try-ons at PH Aquatic Park.  Make a try-on reservation via Sign-Up Genius and be sure to order your team suit directly from Zumo by the end of the day on 4/24.


Thursday, May 20th at 7:30 pm – Team Meeting via Zoom.  Please mark your calendar to attend the team meeting.  We will discuss work assignments and answer all your questions about the season.  Work assignments will open for sign-ups after the meeting.





Hello Dolfin Families!
We are off to a great start! We had an amazing first week of practice! The swimmers were so happy to be back in the pool with their friends and the new swimmers transitioned beautifully into their groups. We are so lucky to have a very experienced coaching staff to help make everything run smoothly.
After taking a season off it will take a bit to get them back up to speed. I have been modifying my workouts to their level of fitness and will need to do that for a few weeks until their hearts and lungs adapt.
This week we will be focusing on Backstroke. For all 10&Under groups we may switch kids between the pools based on what we are working on and if they need specific help. The goal is to get everyone up to speed on their strokes in the early season. We do that with a lot of repetition and stroke drill work. 
Please remember to apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before swimmers enter the water. If you put it on right before, then it washes off into the water and that is the main reason the water hurts their eyes.
We encourage parents to watch practices but we do NOT allow any kind of filming during practices. Practice is a time to for kids to learn not perform. Practices can be chaotic and we need their complete attention. You are welcome to take photos and videos at meets as long as they are not taken from behind the blocks.
Please encourage your swimmers to communicate with their coaches if they have questions. We are there to help them have a great experience and asking questions helps us know that they are engaged in the process. I am also happy to answer any of your questions as well. 
See you on the pool deck!
Coach Talli
925-216-7932 (text)