Amy Ross

Greetings Dolfin Families!

Wow, it's a hot day to start week 4!!!   Perfect day to be in the pool, lucky swimmers. There is a ton of information to share so please take the time to read the entire email :)  First is our Note from Coach Talli:


Hello Dolfin Families!

Last week went extremely well with Butterfly!  We tried out some new drills that really helped the swimmers find better body balance, to make swimming butterfly much easier. We had to go backwards to erase bad habits then move forward correctly. We made a lot of progress! We will continue to work on everything that we have  learned in previous weeks as we move on to Breaststroke this week. Breaststroke is the most difficult to teach because the kick is tricky. The best way to teach it is in the water, so I will be in the pool working with the younger groups for a couple days this week. Very good timing with the heat wave! 

On May 17, we will be moving all practices to the Ed Center Pool. This is the Dolfin's home pool at the back of the Pleasant Hill Middle School campus. We like to be at that pool the week before Time Trials so we can work on Starts & Turns since it is a completely different pool. 

I know it can be intimidating for new families their first year on the team. There is a huge learning curve! The best advice I can give you is to ask questions and get involved. Everyone has been through that first year and they are happy to help you. Getting involved is the best way to meet new people and have a fantastic summer. Swim team is fun for the whole family, not just the swimmers. It is an amazing place to build life long friendships with great people. 

Have Fun, Swim Fast,

Coach Talli

925-216-7932 (cell)

[email protected]



Happy Monday Dolfin families : )

As the season begins it is time for our annual set up day at the PHEC pool.  Normally this event would take place after the team parent meeting and just prior to time trials, however since everything has been packed away for over a year it will be a little earlier so that there is time to replace items as needed.

The set up day this year will be on Saturday May 15th starting at 7am and going until set up is finished (usually about 4 hours).  The sign up to work a set up shift will open on Wednesday May 12th at 8am.  Working a shift at set up day will count towards 1 of the 4 regular meet points that are required this year.

To sign up for a shift go to the team website:

Click on "Events"

Click on the "Job Sign-up" button next to the Set Up Day event to see the available shifts.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at [email protected]


KC DeSilva

Work Shift Coordinator



---Reminder to turn in your $500 work deposit check if you haven't already done so

---Please reach out to me by responding to this email if you are interested in learning about how we run the computer desk!  

---Parent meeting, May 20th at 7:30 pm. All questions will be answered :)  Stay tuned for a Zoom link.

---Here is a link to the latest calendar!!!!  There have been some changes to the schedule It is also available at the top of the Events page on the website.