Amy Ross

Hello Dolfins!

Hopefully all is well with all of our Dolfin students as they head back to their school campuses!!!!  So exciting!  We still have one final swim team event to finish off this epic swim season.  Reminder that this Sunday, August 15th from 5-8 we will be celebrating all of our swimmers, coaches and parents with an amazing evening of food, awards, swimming and a slide show.  The evening will start on the pool deck at the park pool with a taco/burrito bar.  We will provide water and lemonade so if your family would prefer something else to drink (NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED), please feel free to bring you own beverages. We will eat, then do the awards portion of the evening after which the pool will open and the Teen Center will be available to view the always anticipated slide show!  Please feel free to bring chairs and blankets as we can spread out around the pool.  The weather report indicates a very wam day so plan accordingly.  The filing cabinet will be on the pool deck so remember to check that for ribbons etc. and each family may take home one End Of Year Book!  We cannot wait for you all to see the book, it is AMAZING!

Looking forward to celebrating with our Dolfin family this Sunday!!!