The rules listed below are a guide for the personal safety of the swimmers and spectators:

  • NO running, pushing, or shoving on the pool deck or inside buildings.
  • NO pushing or pulling others into the water.
  • NO glass around the pool deck.
  • NO entering the water until told to do so by a coach.
  • NO riding bikes, skateboards, or scooters on the pool deck.
  • NO crazy diving off the starting blocks, horseplay, or jumping near the ladders and starting blocks. No playing or hanging on ropes, lane lines, or diving board.

If you have the flu, fevers, especially accompanied by diarrhea, please stay out of the water until you have been well for 48 hours. Healthy Dolfins will appreciate it.


  • Swimmers are to be at the pool only during their scheduled practice time unless under the direct supervision of an adult other than a coach. We have no way of supervising swimmers except while they are practicing. Please make arrangements for your children.
  • All 8 & under swimmers must be escorted by an adult when using the restroom. All 9 & over swimmers must use a buddy system when parents aren't present.


Every week during the summer the Dolfins newsletter will be emailed to you. A copy of the newsletter will also be placed on the wall of the pool deck for quick viewing during practices. The newsletter provides meet schedules and activity updates, as well as helpful information for new and veteran Dolfins team members.


The custom team suit is available through Zumo. Check the calendar for suit try on dates. Zumo will be on the pool deck, 2 different days, during practice to help you choose a style and correctly fit your swimmer. Suit orders are placed online with the link provided. Suits cannot be ordered after the deadline.


Team sales will be at all home meets. If you need something another time please call the Team Sales Chairperson. The first team sales is at Time Trials. Items sold: Dolfins sweats, shirts, swim caps, goggles, swim logs, and other items.


Swimmers look forward to Team Picture Day, as it's quite the event! When swimmers arrive, team T-shirts will be handed out before the photo. Every swimmer is required to be in the team picture, whether or not photos are purchased. Optional individual or buddy pictures may be taken for purchase. Then the entire team—from the oldest to the youngest Dolfins—will have swim practice together after pictures are taken! Check the calendar to confirm the team picture day.



The Dolfins offer a one-time only scholarship for returning families that are in need of financial help for their child or children to continue swimming for the summer. A financial statement is not needed. A simple note to the Dolfins Board stating financial hardship is the only documentation required. If you are in need, or know of a family that would benefit from the scholarship, please talk to a board member.

Page Updated 10-15-14