How is the age group that my child will swim determined?

The age group is determined by your child's age as of June 15 of that season.

What are "Time Trials"? Is it important for my swimmer to attend?

Time Trials is a mock swim meet run as a regular meet. This is a great dress rehearsal for the parents who are new to the team or have signed up for jobs new to them. For new swimmers, this meet provides the swimmers with a chance to familiarize themselves with the pool, how to start, and the order of events. As a result of this meet, coaches will have base times for your child. These times will be used as the starting point for determining time improvements (see Dolfins Goal Times).

How do I sign up for swim meets?

Sign in to your account on the Dolfins website and commit your swimmer to the meet. Please read the weekly emails to make sure you don't miss a meet entry deadline.

I am signed up to work a shift at a meet and am now unable to work it. What should I do?

It is your responsibility to find a substitute. Contact the Work Coordinators at [email protected] with the substitute's name and contact information (email & cell phone). Failure to work a scheduled shift or to provide a substitute for a shift will result in a $40 fine.

Can I sign up and work more than 3 points worth of jobs at the Battle of the Ages meet to help fulfill my remaining work requirements?

The Battle of the Ages swim meet is our major fundraiser. All Dolfins families must work 2-3 shifts (totaling 3 or more points). You are welcome to work more than 3 points; however, working extra Battle hours does notcount towards your other work requirements.

Help! Where do I find the latest, up to date information about what is happening this week at practice and at the meets?

Stay informed! Read your emailed newsletter each week for updates. Check the website for upcoming events, activities, and work assignments. You can also check the wall of the pool deck. Note that sometimes posters or sign-ups will go up on the wall earlier than the newsletter.

How are relays determined?

Relays are mostly determined by the computer based on times. The coaches feel that this is the only fair way to do it. We always try to get as many kids in the relays as possible, but there are times when we are limited on our entries, kids don't show up, or we just don't have enough kids for another relay.

Who decides what the kids swim at meets?

Each age group coach fills out the meet line-up for their age group. We try to give all swimmers a chance to swim everything. After Time Trials we try to put them in their 3 best events. At the next meet we put them in their best event and the 2 they didn't swim at the previous meet. This allows them to see improvement in all strokes. This is not always possible, as sometimes we are limited on our entries. As the season progresses we try to put them in events that they are close to stars or goal times. We are happy to accommodate a swimmer who asks to swim a specific event.

Why do we get a new team suit so frequently?

We try to keep our team suits for at least two years, but they are not always available the second year. For many years we had plain black suits with a logo, and the board decided that the more colorful suits stand out on the blocks and better represent our fun rec swim team. Every year we evaluate what is available and what will work best for our team.

What is our Team Alias for the On Deck Parent App?

The Dolfins Team Alias is "reccvphdca". The On Deck Parent App is available for iPhone and Andriod phones.

Why can't I login to the website?

The website allows only one login email per account. Please check that you are using the login email to access your account. If you still have problems logging in, please click the "forgot password" link on the login page, or Contact Us (in the menu on the left) for assistance.

When you click the reset password link, an email is sent to your login email. The sender of this email is [email protected] The email contains a link you must click on in order to reset your password. If you don't see this email, please be sure to check your junk/spam folder.

Updated 11-12-18