Welcome to new swimmers! We are glad that you have joined our Dolfins Family, and we are sure that you will enjoy the summer with our special swim team. The confusion of being a swim team parent for the first time will pass. By the end of the summer you will have graduated to the ranks of the old time Dolfins families, ready to help the newcomers next year. Please review the information in the following links and the Pool Rules, below. If you have any questions, please contact a Parent Liaison.

For returning Dolfins, welcome back to what we hope will be a fun and exciting year for you and your swimmer! As the season progresses, please assist any new families and swimmers. We all remember our first year of swimming. See below for information you'll need this season.  


The rules listed below are a guide for the personal safety of the swimmers and spectators:

  1. ALWAYS walk on the pool deck or inside buildings. NO running, pushing, or shoving.
  2. NO pushing or pulling others into the water.
  3. NO glass around the pool deck.
  4. Enter the water only when told to do so by a coach.
  5. NO riding bikes, skateboards, or scooters on the pool deck.
  6. NO crazy diving off the starting blocks, horseplay, or jumping near the ladders and starting blocks.
  7. NO playing or hanging on ropes, lane lines, or diving board.
  8. Always follow the instructions of the lifeguards and coaches.
  9. No Pets allowed on the Pool Deck or school campus.


If you have the flu, fevers, or the “yuks”, especially accompanied by diarrhea, please stay out of the water until you have been well for 48 hours. Healthy Dolfins will appreciate it.

The Contra Costa County Health Department is not aware of any instance of head lice spreading through a swimming pool and does not prohibit individuals with head lice from swimming. However, according to the CDC, swimming or washing the hair within 1-2 days after treatment with some head lice medications might make some treatments less effective. If your swimmer has had head lice, please seek the advice of your health care provider in deciding when they should resume swimming.

Head lice can be spread by the sharing of towels, hair brushes and other items that have been in contact with an infested person's hair. To limit the spread of head lice, please teach your swimmers to not share these items.

Swimmer Supervision

Swimmers are to be at the pool only during their scheduled practice time unless under the direct supervision of an adult other than a coach. Coaches have no way of supervising swimmers except while they are practicing.

All 8 & under swimmers must be escorted by parents when using the restroom. All 9 & over swimmers must use a buddy system when parents aren’t present.

When dropping off swimmers, make sure they enter the facility gates prior to you leaving. Bring swimmers to practice no more than 10 minutes prior to practice in an effort to have the swimmer ready when practice begins.

Please be in the parking lot 5-10 minutes prior to the end of practice. All swimmers need to remain ondeck until they see you drive up to the facility.


We are happy to have parents watch our practices but we request that you stay back from the pool. Please take photos and videos of your swimmers during meets, NOT during practice. It is important for the coaches to have the attention of all the swimmers and if they are paying attention to you, they are missing out on important instruction. It is important for swimmers to communicate directly with the coaches. If they need to get out for some reason, they just need to ask.