Pop-Up Award

When a swimmer gets a better time in a stroke than the last time he/she swam it, you'll hear the swimmer shout excitedly, "I popped my time!" Aside from the wonderful feeling of accomplishment that brings, the swimmer will also receive a Pop-up Award. This small coupon-style award shows the swimmer's name, the popped stroke, and date of the meet involved. The swimmer may redeem his/her Pop-up Award coupon for a free Otter Pop at the end of a practice.

Dolfins Goal Time Award

You'll find the Pleasant Hill Dolfins Goal Times for girls and boys, which contains the time standards/goal times for swimmers. Swimmers will be awarded the appropriate star (red, white, blue, or gold) and a Flippy Patch (one Flippy Patch per season per swimmer-awarded for a white star time, or better, in any stroke) upon meeting or exceeding these goals.

If you are in the same age group as last summer, you begin earning awards from the point you left off at the end of last season. (For example, if you earned a red-star time in freestyle as an 11 year old last year, you must swim at least a white star time in order to receive an award as a 12 year old.) If the first time you swim an event, your time equals or betters the gold honor time, you will receive the gold star only—you will not receive a red, white, and blue star. You only receive these awards once per stroke when you reach a New Goal Level. If you swim a red star time in Freestyle for seven meets in a row, you only receive one red star for Freestyle the first time you reach that goal. Every year all swimmers are eligible for a Flippy Patch by meeting or exceeding the white star time.

After each meet, the results are reviewed, and the new award winners are designated. A family file will be at the pool with an envelope for each child receiving an award. The awards will be put in this file.

County Qualifying Pin

Each county meet qualifier will receive a special county pin for each county qualifying stroke.


At the Dolfins Awards Night, many awards are given out, including the following:

High Point Swimmer

This award goes to the girl and boy in each age group who earned the most points for PHD at all dual meets and in the A division at Battle of the Ages, Devil Mountain Pentathlon, Woodlands Invitational, and City Meet.

High Point Runner-Up

Awarded for girls and boys in each age group and each division. Meets to be counted are the same as for High Point.

Team Spirit Award

Given to the swimmer that has contributed the most to the team through team spirit, achievements, workout habits, and team support.  The coaches choose the swimmer.

Coaches Award

This award goes to a girl and a boy in each age group. The coaches' make their choices based on attitude, effort at meets, practice habits, coachability, and dedication.

Most Improved Swimmer

This award goes to the girl and boy in each age group who dropped the most time in all events for the season.

County Relay Pin

Each participant in a County Relay will receive a special County pin.

Team Record Certificates

Swimmers breaking team records for the current year are acknowledged.

Team Participation Award

Every swimmer will receive an award at the end of the year Awards Ceremony.

Jennifer McGarry Forever a Dolfin Award

This award was established in 1981 to honor those swimmers that have participated with the Dolfins until their final year of eligibility (18 years as of June 15).  Swimmers must participate their final year of eligibility and a minimum of two consecutive years with the Dolfins. At one time this award was named the Roberts-Whipple Forever a Dolfin Award.  Elliott Mason Roberts and Delano E. Whipple were Dolfin fathers that died unexpectedly in 1982. The award was dedicated to Jennifer McGarry in 1999.

The award was created as a goal for teens, where swimming has to compete with jobs, boy/girl friends, and so many other activities. The desire must be the swimmers at this age and many of these swimmers have been swimming for 10 to 14 years. It is a major accomplishment for a teenager to compete in swimming until they are 19.  There have only been 119 recipients in 34 seasons. Of those recipients 31 have become Dolfin coaches.

Norskog Parent Service Award of Excellence

This awards was established in 1988 to honor Dolfin Parents that have devoted an extraordinary amount of time and effort to the team that is above and beyond the normal volunteer hours. This award was named in memory of Dolfin parent Jim Norskog who died November 13, 1987. (Note: Jim Norskog was Rob Kern’s uncle. The Norskog children, Joe and Michael, swam with the team from 1984-1995)

Updated 12-07-18