Fundraising Requirements

Please refer to this to understand if your activity can be counted towards your $250 swim team family fundraising requirement.

Items that Count 100%

  • Lap-a-thon pledges collected and turned in.
  • Cash solicited from a business sponsor or other donor.  Needs to be coordinated with Fundraising Coordinator in advance.
  • Other net cash proceeds from a new fundraising idea you come up with and run after obtaining the approval of the Team Director and Fundraising Coordinator.  Groups formed to run a new fundraising activity must decide how to allocate the net cash proceeds only to the participating families in that group.  All allocated per family amounts must not exceed 100% of the total net cash proceeds of the activity and amounts raised cannot be credited to families who did not participate in the activity.
  • At large cash donations you make or solicit from family, friends, associates, whoever is willing.
  • Donations to the Team Snack Shack pantry from the approved items list.  Must be new, sealed and have receipts turned into Snack Shack Coordinator to be eligible.  Gift cards for stores where the Snack Shack Coordinator can acquire needed supplies for the pantry are also acceptable and will be given full credit for the remaining balance on the gift card.
  • Pay the team fundraising opt-out fee, in full or partially.
  • Credit for items donated to the auction will be based on the actual selling price at the auction regardless of its stated value.  Credit for items will be allocated to one family only.  The Auction coordinator has final approval on all items that will be considered and accepted for the auction. 

Items that Count 50%

  • Gift cards, vouchers and new merchandise solicited from a business sponsor or other donor based on fair market value for team raffle needs.  (Needs to be coordinated with Fundraising coordinator in advance)

Items that Do Not Count

  • Purchases of YWST apparel do not count towards team fundraising
  • Purchases made from restaurants at dine and donate events
  • Purchases made at the YWSC auction do not count towards team fundraising

Rules and Other Restrictions

  • Each family with a fundraising requirement must fulfill the obligation or be assessed a surcharge
  • Excess fundraising from one family cannot be transferred or given as credits to another family that has not yet met their fundraising requirement with the exception of groups formed to run new approved fundraising activities.  Credits can only be allocated to families who participated in and contributed to the new approved fundraising activities.