Scoreboard Fundraiser
Let's Buy a New Scoreboard For Our Team!
Time: 12:00 AM
Jon Malkovich Email
Let's buy a new scoreboard for our team!

In the last 24 months, our swim club has made some necessary investments to keep our facility safe, useful and looking great. As a team, we use the pool for a variety of events and host the best swim meets in the area. However, we do lack in one noticeable area -- our scoreboard.

How much does a new scoreboard cost?

There are a variety of different boards available. We want to make an investment into a system that is relevant today but also for many years to come. Some teams in our area have started converting to a video board and a new timing system called Time Drops. We believe that this is the best system available for a team like ours and is a great value for the upfront cost. For the video board, new system, and installation, the cost is $16,000.

Is it just a scoreboard?

No, the video board is essentially a really large TV that can be used during team events, movie night and much more.

Is my donation tax deductible?

While Ygnacio Wood Swim Club & Team does not make a profit, we are not a 501(c)(3) organization. Accordingly, any donations are not tax deductible.

Will my donation apply to my 2022 fundraising requirement?

Typically, Ygnacio Wood Swim Team families have a fundraising requirement that helps offset some of the costs of our team. No decisions have been made about the 2022 requirements and this fundraiser is completely independent of whatever those future requirements may be. A donation to this fundraising campaign will not apply toward any future obligations.

Thank you to our Donors
(This list will not update immediately)
Smedley Family - $500
Mac and Cindy Erwin - $500
Grandparents of Piper and Quinn Smedley and Claire and Austin Field.
Dawson Family - $500
Philapil Family - $100
Excited to see your name on the new scoreboard soon Ethan!
Larry and Sue Christy - $500
Y-Dub Dad's 2019 Poker Night
Porter Family - $100
Malkovich Family
Weckerle Family
Schaefer Family
Bonnie Cassriel - $500
Crush it Quinn!
Go Piper- so proud of you!!
Boone Family - $100
Juanita and Joel Radford
Proud of you Mia!
We always support our grandchildren.  Go Emma!
Looking forward to swim meets this summer. Go Tommy!
Go Max! Love Grandma and Grandpa
Christin Welsh - $100
Zeliff Family
Liz Chaffee
Go Seahorses!!
Vernon Family
Willis Family
Weiss Family - $500
Manuel Family
McGillvrey Family
Go Tucker, Blake, Conor, and the rest of the YWST swimmers!!!
Cole Family - $250
Gallucci Family
Felfela Family
McCann and Rollo Families - $300
Linda LaRossa
Go Kate & James and all of the Seahorses!
Shelley Family
Rasmussen Family
Pezel Family
Minglana Family - $250
Dunning Family - $100
Marques Family
Meriam Family
Mucha Family - $100
Kevin and April Rose
Go Lilly!!! Make them eat your bubbles!
Reuben, Junius & Rose, LLP - $500
Go Seahorses!!
Veronica Dickerson
Keith & Anne Thibault - $100
Johnson Family
Moniz Family
Hallin Family
Marques Family

Rancho Grande Taqueria - Pacheco (Marques Family)
Lien Family
Gooooo Ygnacio!
Plilapil Family - $100
In honor of Lisa Huerta
Kosich Family Insurance Services
Adler Family
Fatima Stanger

Fatima & Albert Teixeira

Bill & Page Range - $300

...& many other anonymous donors!