Seahorse Fall Swim Camp

We are excited to announce a 2020 Ygnacio Wood Swim Fall Technique Camp that will be in full compliance with Contra Costa County health guidelines.

The camp will be a chance for campers to get into the water, exercise and practice stroke technique.  It will not be a time to socialize or goof-off with friends.  Per county guidelines, a swim camp must operate with a static group of no more than 12 campers at one time with the same counselor(s) assigned to each session.  We are offering three sessions which limits total participation to 36 campers.  To maximize the use of our counselors, only experienced swimmers between the ages of 7 and 18 will be able to participate. Registering does not guarantee you space in a camp and priority will go to families with experienced swimmers who have already made a deposit for the 2020 season.  Current County Health guidelines suggest children with underlying medical conditions not participate in this camp.

Outside of this camp, our pool remains closed.  No lap swimming, leisure swimming or parent spectators are allowed in the facility at any time.  As county health ordinances change, we will react accordingly and reserve the right to alter class sizes and schedules so we ask for your flexibility as we proceed forward with these plans.  For example, if Contra Costa County makes it possible to return to traditional swim team practices or involve younger campers, we will evaluate those options as they arise.  Likewise, if Contra Costa County makes it possible to open the pool to members, we will alter the camp to accommodate that opportunity.


Daily Activities

Campers will be placed in a group of 12 with similar age and swim ability. We will strive to keep the normal YWST age groups together, but strict limits on the group size of 12 may result in some campers swimming up or down with a different group.  Campers will not be able to pick their session or their counselors, nor will siblings always be in the same session.  After the registration process is complete, we will notify families which session(s) their camper(s) were assigned.  

  • Session 1        3:45 pm - 4:45 pm        (60 minutes)

  • Session 2        4:55 pm - 5:55 pm        (60 minutes)

  • Session 3        6:05 pm - 7:05 pm        (60 minutes)

When swimming, two campers will occupy each lane starting at opposite ends of the pool.  Counselor(s) will be instructing the campers and helping maintain proper social distancing at all times.  The three sessions will be separated by a 10 minute break during which the facility will be cleaned and sanitized. 


Camp Rules

The safety of our campers and counselors is our top priority.  Parents, counselors and campers are responsible for the safety of themselves and others.  If anyone jeopardizes the safety of others, they may be removed from the camp without any refund.  The following rules are subject to change and must be followed at all times.

  1. Each swim camp family must sign a waiver before the first day of camp, indicating they understand and will follow the safety rules and guidelines of the Ygnacio Wood Swim Technique Camp.

  2. Campers must undergo a health check by their parents every day of camp.  This includes:

    1. Body temperature is below 100 degrees

    2. No cough

    3. No shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

    4. No chills

    5. No muscle pain

    6. No sore throat

    7. No loss of taste or smell  

      By sending a camper to camp, the parents certify that their camper is healthy and may participate.  Please use the “Respiratory Illness Symptom Screening Tool for Parents and Caregivers” provided by Contra Costa County (link).  The camp counselors will spot-check camper health periodically.  ALL PARTICIPANT FAMILIES MUST COMPLY WITH THESE SAFETY GUIDELINES.
  3. If a camper or counselor becomes sick, the procedures outlined by the CDC will be followed (link).  If health issues cause the cancelation of camp for any duration of time, no refunds will be available to any participants.

  4. No parents, guardians or other family members will be allowed into camp.  After being dropped off, campers must line up outside the building by standing on the appropriate markings.  Campers will enter through the main gate but will exit through the side gate by the boy’s restroom.  Campers must arrive 5 minutes before their session and campers must be picked up within 5 minutes of the end of their session.  Parents waiting for their campers must stay in their cars.

  5. Campers, age 12 and up, are expected to wear a mask when entering and exiting camp.  Campers, 11 and under, are encouraged to wear a mask when entering and exiting camp.

  6. Upon entering camp, each camper will be provided with hand sanitizer.

  7. Campers and counselors will maintain 6 feet of separation as much as possible.

  8. Campers must have their own equipment (goggles, cap, water bottle) as no personal equipment may be shared. They should come to the pool dressed in a swimsuit, shorts, shirt and athletic shoes for dryland activities. Campers will not be allowed to change at the pool other than removing their shirt, shorts and shoes.  Campers must be able to put on their own cap and goggles as coaches will not be able to help. They will need their own bag and must keep their towel and clothes in their own bag.  

  9. Campers must use the restroom at home before entering camp.  Restrooms will be open for emergency situations only and will be wiped down after each use. 

  10. Contact areas will be cleaned at the beginning and end of each camp session by the counselors and camp director.

  11. Per current County guidelines, children may participate in only one camp at a time.  By participating in the 2020 Ygnacio Wood Swim Technique Camp, parents are certifying that their children are not participating in any other area day camp programs during these 8 weeks for the safety and well-being of the participants of this program and their families.


Camp Dates

The camp will run 3 days per week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 8 weeks -- August 31 through October 23.  There will not be camp on Monday, September 7.  There are no options for shorter or longer sessions.


Camp Cost

The fee per camper is $275  Due to the unique challenges of this year and this camp structure, no refunds will be available for any reason.  If illness requires the cancelation of several sessions, changing county regulations force camp to close, or any unforeseen event causes camp to end early, no refunds will be available.