In 2015, Ygnacio Wood Swim Club turns 50-years old, and we’ve never been better.

We are nestled in the middle of the Ygnacio Wood neighborhood, at 3124 San Gabriel Drive, Concord, CA, and have become an important community resource over the years.  However, over half of our members come from outside the immediate neighborhood, so even if you live a few minutes away, you can enjoy the facilities.

We not only host the Ygnacio Wood Swim Team, we also have members who just enjoy the pool and the ability to have a place to have family events and quiet swims during the summer.

In 2015, we resurfaced our pool and brought the pool back to the perfect shape our membership wants.

We hold poker nights, bunco, multiple parties including our fantastic July 4th parade (Fire truck included!) and our annual auction.  Check out our Year-in-a-Glance page to see what happens at the pool (including team activities) in a season and you’ll see why things are always bustling at YWSC.