All YWSC lifeguards are independently certified in water safety, First Aid, and adult and child CPR. The YWSC lifeguard staff is committed to keeping you and your children safe while swimming. They are part of our community and have a shared enthusiasm about YWSC. We take pride in knowing that our lifeguards value safety first.

The lifeguard team runs the “snack shack” during rest periods and do their best to keep the facility looking its best throughout the summer.

Lifeguards play an extremely important role at our club and it is important to share feedback if you have any concerns or praise about the job they are performing. Please don’t hesitate to contact any YWSC board member directly with your comments or questions.

Applying for a Lifeguard Position:

To apply for a job as a lifeguard at YWSC, please provide the following:

A completed lifeguard application form, available on this site using this link: LIFEGUARD EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION YWSC

A photocopy of a current piece of photo I.D.

A photocopy of your current Lifeguard, First Aid, and CPR certifications

Also, a complete i9 form.  Click here.

Submit your application package to: [email protected]

Lifeguard Certification Details

You will need to take a class leading to certification by the American Red Cross (Ellis & associates training is also accepted if you can locate one of those or have already completed.)

Classes are available in the winter and spring but you need to plan ahead and reserve a spot

Here are some available classes.  I’m sure you can find others with a little research.


The following link shows the available lifeguard training.