Swim Team Leadership Committee

Team Director

Charged with being the administrator of the team and being responsible for its operation. The President is heavily involved in all day-to-day operations of the swim team and serves as a point person for all team activities.  Duties include, but are not limited to presiding at team board meeting, managing the coaching staff, communicating with members, setting the schedule for the season and overseeing all meets and social activities.


Assistant Director

Duties include, but are not limited to supervising volunteers as they set up and take down the equipment needed for home swim meets, scheduling and managing Team Picture Day and coordinating advertisements for our League Championships.


Team Communications

Charged with documenting all official business of the team and managing team registration.  Duties include, but are not limited to, preparing & distributing the minutes of team board meetings, organizing and managing all team registration activities and working with the Club Communications Director in preparing communications for distribution to all Club/Team members and to the public. The Secretary is also responsible for designing, planning and overseeing the execution of the marketing and advertising activities of the Team. This includes production of sign-up/membership flyers and posters.


Team Finance

Charged with accounting for all the financial activities of the Team.  Duties include, but are not limited to maintaining the Team checking account, paying all Team bills and reimbursements, preparing the annual budget, implementing financial controls, using proper bookkeeping processes to document and provide an audit trail for all money transactions, and, preparing financial reports for presentation as needed.


Team Operations Manager

Charged with filling and managing all Team volunteer job responsibilities.  Duties include, but are not limited to attending all registration days and managing Jobs signups, attending all meets (or providing a substitute) and being responsible for checking in all volunteers and ensuring that all job requirements are filled, communicating with parent volunteers to remind them of their upcoming volunteer responsibilities, keeping accurate records of jobs worked and updating information on the website on a regular basis. 


Team Awards

Charged with all activities related to swimmer awards.  Duties include, but are not limited to ordering and distribution of all ribbons, trophies and other awards, maintaining the Personal Best “Star Board and “Best Times” binders, selecting a Team Suit and vendor for swim products, and, planning and producing the special awards ceremonies and End of the Year Awards Ceremony.


League Representative

Charged with representing YWST at all CCVSC League Board meetings, where rule enforcement, rule revisions and other League matters are discussed, reporting back to the Team Board in a timely manner, and helping organize and run the League Championship meet.


Team Fundraising

Charged with coordinating all swim team fundraising activities with the master calendar and communicate these activities to the swim team members for participation. Duties will include coordinating fundraising events as described below and continuing to be creative and strive for new fundraising ideas. Identify funding needs and goals. Implement the fundraising plan through yearly activities for the team in coordination with the club.


Meet Director

Responsible for the smooth operations of meets and our participating in other meets. This skilled job requires experience executing meets, both home and away. Responsible for all technology aspects of the swim team.